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Apprenticeships – The Benefits For Businesses

Many businesses are now hiring apprentices to help them recruit and train their employees. An apprentice can bring new skills to the company and improve productivity. Businesses across the UK are opting for this route.

Apprentices are valuable additions to any workforce.

We’ll be discussing the benefits of hiring apprentices to your organization and the recruitment process for apprentices. We will also talk about how to upskill your current employees with an apprenticeship program.

What is an apprentice?

An apprentice is an employee who takes on training while performing their operational duties. The apprentice is paid for their time to pursue a formal qualification. The level of apprenticeship and the career chosen will dictate the qualifications that are studied.

Employers also provide on-the job training for the apprentice. This allows them to develop their chosen career while adding value to your company. At the end their apprenticeship they should be proficient in their chosen job and have obtained a formal qualification.

Many apprentices will be offered full-time employment at the company where they worked during their apprenticeship. Others will be offered higher education or a promotion.

Is it worth the cost to search for apprenticeships?

It’s worth considering whether an apprenticeship is worth the cost if you’re looking to hire an apprentice. You will be expected to train your apprentice on the job and also allow time for your apprentices to earn a formal qualification.

An apprentice is a great addition to your company. They can improve productivity, as well as bring new skills to your business. Employers find this attractive, making it a great option for hiring apprentices.

But you must remember the commitment that comes along with hiring an apprentice. Your apprentice will require on-the-job training and the ability to earn formal qualifications during your working hours.

Employers are generally more than happy to employ an apprentice, regardless of the extra work involved. This is due to the many benefits it can bring. What are the advantages of hiring an apprentice to work for you? Find out more.

What are the benefits to employing apprentices

Employing an apprentice can help you create a highly skilled and motivated workforce. The UK government continues to invest in apprenticeships. This is a cost-effective method to develop talent within your company. Employers find apprenticeships appealing because of this.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the benefits of hiring an apprentice.

1. Develop new skills

Apprentices not only bring fresh ideas and perspectives to your company, but they also enhance your skills base thanks to the formal qualifications that they will be obtaining alongside their employment. A recent survey found that 86% of employers believed that apprenticeships helped their employees develop relevant skills to their businesses. Hiring apprentices is an effective way to grow your workforce and improve your skills.

2. Boost your productivity

It is cost-effective to hire an apprentice to help increase the employee count within your company. The minimum wage for an apprentice’s first year is much lower than for a standard employee due to the training they receive along with their employment. Without a large increase in costs, an apprentice can be a great way of increasing productivity within your company. According to studies, over 80% of businesses report that hiring apprentices increases their productivity.

3. Create new ideas

A new team brings enthusiasm and new ideas. For new ideas and different perspectives, fresh minds are a great asset. This has resulted in around three quarters (75%) of employers describing apprentices as helping to improve the quality and value of their products or services. An apprenticeship could be a good way to add new ideas to your organization.

4. Employee motivation can be boosted

Employees will give their best when they feel supported and given opportunities to improve their skills. This results in increased motivation, improved productivity, and a better performance. Motivation is key, because who doesn’t need motivated employees?

5. Tailored to fit your business

A great way to bring in a new employee is to hire an apprentice. This will allow you to find someone who is right for your job and is familiar with the company. Your business’s requirements will allow you to customize the training program for your apprentice so you can train your new employee in the manner you desire. This will ensure that your new employee won’t acquire bad habits from other companies, and will be able to live and breathe your business.

6. Strategies for long term business success

Although hiring an apprentice will create some additional work, it can be a great way for your business to prioritize the long-term strategy. This is because apprentices are eager to learn about your business, which will allow them to quickly add value to your organization. As they gain experience, they will become valuable assets to your business. This will allow your to concentrate on other areas of growth. It is an efficient way to secure your future by hiring an apprentice.

7. Increase employee retention

Many business owners waste time on training staff and then leave the business months later. This is a wasteful use of time that could cost your business thousands of dollars each year. As apprentices are more loyal to the company than other types of employees, it can help to increase your employee retention. The National Apprenticeship Survey found that 69% of employers had higher retention rates after hiring apprentices.