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Explore Outdoor Exhibiting

Indoor events and exhibitions are well and truly covered but if you’re outdoors, what options are available to you?

Exhibiting outdoors has a completely different feel and many of the indoor stands can’t be used outside. Mainly down to testing and being compatible with outdoor conditions and unexpected weather (especially in the UK).

To be effective outdoors the materials need to be right, the durability and stability levels should be high, and the overall print quality shouldn’t be sacrificed. Going outdoors doesn’t necessarily allow the same stands but there are ways to create a showstopping display, with some quirky options.

A Frame / Eyelet Banner

A frames and eyelet banners are used for more than just exhibiting. It’s most likely you would have seen them around for long term, outdoor advertising attached to a frame or pole.

The materials of the A Frame and Banner are waterproof and can be left outside. The fact they can be left outside shows how durable they are. The high durability helps with long term, continued advertising, without you having to do a thing!

Inflatable Accessories

Columns, banners and even seating is available as an inflatable item.

Inflatable displays bring a whole new look, create an interesting stand feature and are well tested against the outdoor elements.

You will need to consider how you intend on inflating the display as a power source may be required. Failing that, a manual foot pump is the ideal solution and is easily accessible.


Following the same trend as the Inflatables, the exhibition tent is also an inflatable product, but on a much bigger scale. The tent options show the perfect canvas to accept your branding and create a real spectacle.

Personalise the tent in more ways than one by choosing the number of walls with a single or double sided print. The walls can be added and removed to allow more access points and give a different visual for future events.

Top Tip – Use replacement wall panels to change and adjust the custom artwork.


Gazebo’s are another form of outdoor shelter, making it clear where your stand begins and allow you to keep all you items under one roof. This can be a block colour or custom branded roof, with a choice on the number of sides.

The gazebos and tents aren’t limited to use outdoors. Providing there aren’t any height restrictions, these exhibition displays can be used indoors too. Such a large display item is a clear way to make your presence know in a crowded exhibition hall.