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Marketing suggestions for a physio

If your passion is helping people feel better, and you have made the decision to become a physiotherapist, then you will need to learn effective marketing strategies that will allow you to grow your client base and more importantly build a loyal customer base.
The industry of physiotherapy has enjoyed a very positive growth rate in recent years. It is expected that it will continue growing in future. IndustryARC’s recent study concluded that the main reason for this growth is the aging process and the occurrences of various diseases like strokes, diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease.

The one constant in life is that we all get older. People are living longer because of medical advances. With an increase in average life expectancy, the elderly population has increased to a greater extent than it was previously. This makes orthopedic and geriatric therapy services the most popular in the global market. This presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to open their own physiotherapy centers or provide home services.

You’ll find five marketing strategies that physiotherapists can use to increase their business and keep a steady flow of clients in this post.
#1 Focus on a Particular Type of Client

One common mistake in physio marketing is to believe that generalizing your advertising and promotions will attract more customers. It’s not risky to alienate potential customers if you keep things neutral.


While it may seem that targeting a larger market will result in more customers, the reverse effect will occur. Instead, focus on a specific audience.

By focusing on a certain type of client, you can create a customized communication strategy to appeal to that niche. This will make it easier to convince them your service is right for them.

This is an example:

Imagine your mother has knee arthrosis. You want to find a physical therapist who can help her get mobility.

You will find a physiotherapy clinic that treats all types and ailments. The website is full of information and contains submenus with a variety of therapies and services. At first glance it can be difficult to see if they even treat knee arthritis.

All kinds of images are available, including those featuring children, athletes, and the elderly. You can also make an appointment by calling the center or using the integrated online system.

You can also find a center that specializes only in geriatric physical therapy. This website is simple and easy to navigate. You will see older people in the images. There is also a blog which contains resources and exercises that can be used to treat common ailments. It offers both home services and a simple telephone service.

Which would you choose from the two? The more narrow option allows them to simplify their services to be more attractive to customers, even though they are specific.

The benefits of specialization for a certain audience

Differentiate yourself: Focusing on one audience and/or one type of therapy will help you distinguish yourself from other physiotherapists or physiotherapists offering all types of services.

You can increase your margin per client: Philip Kotler is considered to be the father modern marketing. He says people are willing and able to pay more for specialists who meet their needs. Specialists can set higher prices without scaring off clients.

Increase your credibility: As a professional physiotherapist, you understand that your clients are putting their health in your care. They know that choosing the right specialist can be difficult.

You will inspire confidence in potential clients by focusing on a particular audience. They will see you as an expert in their field. By hiring you, they will feel confident that they are in good hands. You will also be considered an authority in the field.

Increase your visibility on Google: You can optimize your SEO by using specific keywords that are less competitive. This will allow you to be more visible through search engines.

Lower costs: You can focus your time, resources and money on a specific audience or treatment. This is an advantage for freelance physiotherapists who don’t have the budget to invest in mass advertising or in many products and devices that can treat multiple ailments.

Instead, all you have to do is invest in the right products and materials to target your audience. To best reach this audience, you will only need to use specific marketing channels.
#2 Create newsworthy content and use local media

The nature of your business as a physiotherapist will be reflected in the locality. If your target audience is young, the local press and media can help you promote your business.

But if you ask the media to feature your physiotherapy centre and the services that you offer, they will most likely give you advertising space. This will not have the same impact as a piece of quality content. MDG Advertising found that 70 percent of consumers prefer finding products through relevant content over traditional advertising.

You can advertise your business indirectly by creating newsworthy content.

One example is to conduct a poll or report about a problem you are treating as a physical therapist. It can reveal interesting facts about your local population. Also, you can talk about a new technique that your center is using that has been producing great results.

These tips will help you make contact with local media.

A press release should be written. It should include a headline and an opening phrase. The body (describe the story and why it’s important) should also be included.

Analyze the media in which you plan to publish your content. Reach out to journalists who are familiar with topics related to health and physiotherapy. You will have a greater chance of your content being published by the media outlet.

Double contact the journalist or media outlet. First contact the journalist or media outlet by phone. Ask for the specific journalist or for the person responsible for the section in which you are interested. Thank them for their previous article or work. Then, briefly explain your topic.

If you convince a journalist to take part, they’ll send you their email so that you can send them additional information and make contact with them. This will make it easier for journalists remember you, and your email won’t get lost in their inbox.

#3 Advertise on Google

AdWords: Have you heard of it? Google’s pay-per click platform allows you to create ads which appear on both its results pages and other sites. Google allows you to advertise and get your website listed in the first search results for any person searching for physiotherapists in your area.

Advertisement on Google can be a very effective marketing strategy for physiotherapists.

Google is the preferred search engine for physiotherapists. Google Trends has shown that global searches that include the term “physiotherapist”, have remained steady for five years. This report also stated that October is the most used month for this type. Google can be an acquisition channel that helps you reach your target.

Google ads don’t disrupt navigation. Google Ads do not interrupt navigation. This would mean that a user is searching for a physical therapist.

Google users who view your ad after completing a search are more open to your offer than those who hear about your physiotherapy centre on local radio stations at times when they don’t need it.

AdWords makes it easier to spend less money advertising. Google AdWords makes advertising more affordable than traditional media campaigns such as television and radio. The only thing you pay is the click of your ad. This makes your campaigns much more profitable.

#4 Google Maps Gets Positive Reviews

You are missing a huge opportunity to get free visibility if your physiotherapy centre isn’t listed on Google Maps. Make sure you create a Google My Business account and verify your center. You have the option of requesting the property if another person has already verified the address at which you wish to register.

This may make you wonder why it’s important. Apart from the possibility for your center to appear on Google Maps and being registered in Google’s business lists, users will also have the opportunity to leave reviews about your physiotherapy centre.

Google will enrich your website summary that appears on Google’s search results pages when someone performs a search. This includes star ratings and average scores based on reviews.

A rich snippet from your website will help you stand out among the other websites on a Google result page. It can also increase your rate to clicks up to 30%, according to Search Engine Land.