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The advantages of using a UK translation agency

Are you looking for a translation of specialized legal, engineering, natural science, or medical text? What if you need to translate more of these texts or on a regular basis? What are your options and who can help you? Which is better, a freelance translator or an agency for translation? Which are the advantages and disadvantages of each option? We will tell you in this article.
Who should you order a translator of a text from?

You don’t have many options if you just ignore machine translation. Although the quality is improving, it will still be difficult to use for longer texts. What should you do if your text is complex or you need a certified translator? It is not possible to choose between a freelancer and a professional translation agency.

Are you a freelancer with unlimited time? Miracles do happen.

Self-employed or freelance translators can be more affordable, especially if they’re not working – which could raise concerns about their reliability and quality. Clients may also appreciate direct contact with the translator. The list of freelancer benefits does not end there.

Their limited specialization and capacity make them less able to help you in an emergency. They are often universal translators and don’t have a specific expertise. This can lead to minor errors and inaccuracies in the translation.

There are top-level freelancers, who are paid well for their time and are often very busy. If you have not yet found someone willing to prioritize you, it is time to consider an agency.

Why choose a translation agency?

Professional translation agencies have many advantages. They often employ native speakers or professionals who have studied languages and are well-versed in the language. A translation agency offers a wider range of languages than freelance translators. You can have the same text translated in multiple languages by one agency, something you cannot do with a single translator.

The possibility of peer consultation and the ability to work with and receive help from allied agencies, all these factors ensure that a UK translation agency can deliver expert translations. You can be sure of quality, on-time delivery, and fast delivery (sometimes within hours).

CAT is not a cat. It’s a professional translation tool.

Professional CAT software is used by professional translation agencies today. What is it exactly? It stands for Computer-Assisted Translation and is a tool that supports computer-supported translations. These tools not only check for spelling and grammar, but also use termbases and translation memories. The vast repository of terms and phrases that professional translators have gathered is a significant speed-up and eliminates the possibility of errors.

These tools are available in many forms, but they are expensive. Professional translation agencies are the best place to find them. What are the benefits of CAT software for both the translator and client? These benefits do not require to be explained.

What about the cost of the translation?

Prices can vary widely between agencies and freelance translators, as is often the case. Prices vary depending on the level of expertise, language or active/passive translation (from/into Czech). A reliable translation agency will give you a quote in advance.

A freelance translator will generally cost less than one from an agency. However, this is not always the case. Price depends on the translator’s skill, their ability, length, urgency, and many other factors.

If you have a long-term relationship with the agency or if bulk or volume discounts are applied, your cost will be often lower than what you would pay to a freelance translator. We have already discussed the benefits of using a professional translation agency for your translation, such as flexibility and on-time delivery.

Are you looking for professionally translated text? You have limited time, so contact us. We will be glad to help you find the best solution for your situation.