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The Pros of Employing a Web Designer In Hereford

Who needs an agency for web design? Doing it yourself seems like a piece of cake. Install a software program or your web hosting company’s built in website making software. Take a couple of hours, and then poof, your site is up. Maybe not.

The biggest problem in digital marketing today is that small-scale business owners do not understand the importance of their website to be for their business. The design and function of your website can be the difference between success and failure for your business. While doing it yourself can certainly save you money upfront In the course of a year, you’ll have lost more revenue and goodwill than it would been to employ an experienced web design company…twice over. The websites of today are not like the ones of five years ago. Websites can serve as both a marketing tool for your business, and also as a way to simplify your life. What’s the advantage of having your website professionally designed? Here are 10 reasons hiring a professional is better than doing it yourself.

1. Positive first impressions

Your website is the first site that people go to. This opinion is based entirely on the look of your site. This is what it appears like. Your website is the one that makes the difference. What do you want it to say? You’ll be a lot happier with your first impression if you hire an experienced web design company.

2. Compatibility with the Latest Mobile Technologies

If you are not an independent contractor or employed by a design firm You probably have no information about the latest technological standards for mobile sites. This could cost you a lot. We know for instance that mobile is growing every month, but what solutions could you employ to make your site mobile compatible? If you weren’t aware of responsive design for your website, you might instead pay a monthly fee to have a company create and maintain a mobile-friendly version of your site. Web designers with experience can assist you to develop responsive designs and design your website with this technology. This can save you hundreds of dollars. Your website may not be able to adjust to new mobile devices. While no one can predict the future, a professional can ensure that your website is up to date for whatever occurs.

3. Beautiful HDR Retina optimized images

Wondering why your website’s images appear blurry on your new iPhone or tablet with high-definition? It’s because these new high-resolution devices can handle high-dpi images – images with twice the amount of detail as before. You’ve heard the word “retina” employed in Apple marketing, and retina-compatible photos are what we’re talking about here when we refer to high-dpi. For the average Joe, even with an “retina-compatible” theme, high-dpi photos require a bit of trial and error. Without pre-designed WordPress plugins, it’s even more difficult. However, professional web designers can ensure that your photos appear sharp across all mobile devices, including the Nexus 7, iPads and iPhones.

4. A reliable website

You designed your site yourself. It was live about 1 month ago. However, you suddenly get an error message whenever you attempt to modify anything. Such issues happen every day, even when WordPress is an extremely reliable platform. If you’re on your own what do you do? You could spend hours searching Google trying to find a solution before giving up and calling a web design Hereford firm hoping for finding a solution. After spending hundreds on an emergency service call but you’re left with an online site that works, however, it’s possible to go down and reopen at any time. Does it really work?

5. Better Designs

When you use your web hosting company’s built-in site maker, you’re using a pre-made template. The templates have two main disadvantages: They can be basic designs and everybody can use the same one you did. This results in a dull website. Who needs Ambien when they could just visit your website? That’s just not true. We want your customers to be thrilled every time they visit your site If you choose to hire a web design company that has experience, you can expect an original, clear layout designed with your needs in the back of your head. There’s no comparison. If you don’t believe that the design is important, in certain cases it’s all that matters. Take a look at famous companies such as Apple, Dyson, and BMW. Each made the design of their products, not the performance, the focal point. These efforts have paid off they are highly regarded, get a lot of positive reviews and have a strong branding. It’s no different on the local level.

6. A Speedier Website

Many websites don’t function optimally as is. A web design company who has years of experience will be aware of the different plugins and 3rd party tools to integrate into your site to increase speed and security. These are huge improvements and you shouldn’t be shocked. These tools are essential for WordPress websites. They’re even more important for WordPress sites that don’t come with WordPress security. GT-Metrix is a very popular tool to test your website. It can evaluate the performance of your website’s code. Performance is directly affected by how your website is designed. Scores that are above 85 on both tests are considered exceptional, and scores that exceed 95 are considered flawless. A reliable web design firm will also be able to provide hosting suggestions. The performance of your website is dependent on the hosting provider you select. Pingdom is a fantastic tool to check the speed of loading your site.

7. More Likely to Feature on Google

SEO isn’t something you should be concerned about when you design a site your self. Without SEO, your site typically won’t be listed on the first page of Google or even. That means that you will not be found via search. A web design company can code your website in a way that shows Google, Bing and other search engines the information about your webpages. This means that when someone searches for a particular product or service you offer, you are significantly more likely to show as a result. This is a highly desired feature since the search engine traffic is free. Be wary of any web designer that asks for hundreds of dollars to improve your site’s performance to be search engine friendly.

8. It will save you time

Web Design is about more than just laying out a beautiful layout. Web websites can be designed to save time and boost revenue. Imagine that you run a salon, auto repair shop, or other commercial. Online appointment booking can be convenient for your customers and alleviates the stress of calling to make a reservation. You can send follow-up emails to express your appreciation to your customers for their business and give them a personal touches to your services. Your website offers many ways to automate various aspects of your business. Your customers will be more content, you’ll increase repeat business and, more importantly, you’ll reduce time.

9. It will earn you money.

Automated technology can help you save time and increase the customer experience. Other capabilities enable you to increase your revenues with little effort. Remember that online appointment booking we talked about earlier? How about allowing clients to integrate additional services directly into the appointment booking process online. This is a great way to boost your revenue with little effort on your part (other beyond providing the service). What about that repair shop for cars? Offer add-on features like an oil change, replacement for the windshield and car wash. There are a variety of options. That’s how your site can be a real asset to you.

10. It’s Much More Affordable Than You Imagine…

Your website is not an expense. It’s an investment that could bring in a lot of money when done right. It’s not so expensive as you believe. CMS platforms and plugins have made it feasible to engage a web designer for less. But the ROI has increased because these sites offer more incredible capabilities.
Final Statements on Hiring for a Web Design Company

Web design should be viewed in the same light like other tasks best left to experts. Tax preparation. Installation of a garage door. Paving your driveway. All of these things could technically be completed by anyone, but most folks hire a professional, and for good reason: Professionals have the right tools, training and expertise to complete the job correctly, on-time, and at a fair cost. Nobody is saying you can’t make your own tax returns. However, using an accountant is like hiring a web designer to create professional websites. It’s a financial investment to save money over the long-term.