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Video Marketing For Your Business

It’s obvious that video content is king in this age of YouTube, Livestreams and Instagram Stories, as well as webinars and other online tools.
It is also evident that content marketers are increasingly recognizing the many compelling benefits of including video content into their digital marketing strategies.

Video content marketing can be used to advertise a product or service or boost engagement with customers. It is also adaptable and accessible.

That’s the key. If done correctly.

There is so much content out there to choose from, it’s crucial that your content is optimized to its full potential. It should strike the right balance to reach customers and grab their attention. Video marketing can help businesses increase sales and improve their brand image.

A poor video marketing strategy can prove disastrous for businesses. This can lead to consumers judging your brand as unreliable or worse, a nuisance, and prompting them to look for alternatives.

We are a video production agency and we understand the challenges of online video. However, we also know the many benefits of video marketing services.

We’ve put together a list of the top benefits of video content for your marketing strategy. Here are key insights on how video content can help businesses, from audience insights to key statistics.

Are you looking for a particular benefit? Learn more by clicking below If you haven’t, dive in to learn why video content marketing is so important for your business.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the first reason you should incorporate video content in your website now before your competitors!

Reason #1 – Video Content and Consumers

You may not believe that video marketing is worthwhile or beneficial. This statistic shows that video content accounts for 11% on Facebook and receives 8 billion views per day. And this is before we consider Facebook Live and its Story features.

Recent case studies have shown that YouTube is not only the second-largest search engine behind Google but that Youtube is also the second most visited website worldwide. Youtube’s daily video viewing time is estimated to be 1 billion hours.

People love to watch videos. Videos are easy to use, fun, and educational. Consider the huge audience that is eager to learn more about your products or services.

Marketers who do not use video content marketing can lose out on a large audience and potentially loss of profit.

#2 – Video Content can increase conversion rates

You read that correctly. Recent research suggests that videos on your product page or service page can increase sales by 144%

An ‘explainer’ video is a great way to include video content on a landing page for a product or service. A customer can view a brief video to learn more about your product or service, often in an entertaining or eye-catching way.

It is important to stay on top of the latest developments in this area. The nature of video content is constantly changing. The key trends you should be aware of at the moment are product videos (a live demonstration of your product/service) and product reviews. More on this later.

These content are engaging for customers. By including them on product or service pages, you can increase conversions and drive more sales than you would ever imagine.

#3: Video can build relationships between a brand and its customers

We know people enjoy watching videos and that video content drives sales. But there is more.

A well-crafted content strategy can increase engagement and communication with your target audience. It will also give your brand a sense of reliability, trust and honesty that consumers are looking for when they connect with businesses.

Marketers should consider external reviews.

Collaboration with an influencer to review your product/service will not only show honesty and trust but also help spread information about your business via popular influencers.

Reason #4 – Google Loves Optimised Video Content

Videos are a powerful tool for marketing and a great way to convey information. Another benefit that marketers love is your search engine results page rank.

You can increase your website’s ranking and views by optimizing your video content.

Youtube allows you to include links to important parts of your website like landing pages. This will bring in external customers directly to the places you want and drive organic growth (which search engines love).

Balance is the key.

Consumers may feel harassed if you have too many links or too many CTA’s. This is a common video. These videos quickly become annoying and unhelpful and can even dissuade viewers of ever considering you again.

Reason #5: Move in before your competition

92% of digital marketers think that video content is an integral part of their strategies. This is an increase from 78% in 2015 and will only continue to rise as more professionals realize the many benefits that videos can bring to a campaign.

Nothing is worse than making a great video following best practices, only for it to be stifled because of all the other videos out there.

It is important to move quickly and be distinctive, so that you can identify yourself.

It’s important not to produce video after video with mediocre content. A few videos that have a lot of views are better than many videos of poor quality and low views.

Video content creation requires strategy. Regular quality content will increase visibility and make you a trusted source for viewers before they turn to other sources. Contact us for a friendly chat to discuss this.