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What is a Coworking Space?

The need for coworking space and shared office spaces is growing as more companies are turning to this flexible method of working in order to lower expenses, grow into new markets and boost flexibility. What are the main advantages of coworking spaces when compared to traditional workplaces?

What is what is a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces, sometimes referred to in the term shared offices is a place where businesses or freelancers are able to benefit from all the amenities and advantages of traditional office space, with the basis of a lease that is flexible and short-term and with no hidden costs of renting an office space.

Coworking spaces are generally open-plan areas which renters have to pay for their space want by way of a membership, which grants them access to an assortment of spaces that are both communal and private. It allows companies to grow to or downsize according to the needs. Leases may be as little as a month, meaning tenants aren’t tied to the long-term contract.

A study has revealed that coworking improves the overall satisfaction of employees. The majority of those who participated reported coworking helped them grow their professional networks while 83% of respondents reported feeling less lonely following having joined a coworking space and 89% of them said they felt happier after having joined a coworking space.

9 Benefits to Coworking Spaces

1. Cost-Effective

Coworking takes away the risks and costs of having your own office by letting tenants purchase the area they require. With a flexible workspace Finsbury Park there’s no lease or extra costs associated with it.

2. Networking Opportunities

The coworking nature that is collaborative spaces offers a variety of opportunities for people to connect and begin new conversations with anyone from potential customers and business contacts.

3. Creativity is Increasing

Spaces for work that reflect design and creative community environments periodic educational events and additional amenities like gyms in the indoors or game rooms all help to increase creativity and efficiency.

4. Client-Friendly

The advantages of coworking space also extend to customers. Entrepreneurs and freelancers who do not have an office space can host important conferences and meetings in an office that is fully equipped and professional space with a desirable office address.

5. Greater Flexibility

Contracts can be purchased for just one month.

6. Accelerate the Time to Market

Tenants are able to move in on the day of their signing and start working as soon as they sign with plug and play features.

7. Scalable

A company could be only one desk, and have the ability to expand according to the need. Entrepreneurs have the chance to build their staff at their own speed.

8. High-Tech Equipment & Facilities

The convenience and the time savings is one of the main benefits for coworking workspaces. They are furnished equipped, pre-cabled, and have various facilities including cafes and eateries, to breakaway spaces, conference rooms fitness facilities, and much more.

9. Accessible to the world

There are now coworking spaces in almost every major city around the world. This makes it much easier for companies to get access to new sectors, cities and markets everywhere, without the additional burden for office spaces.

Are you able to benefit from Coworking Spaces? Coworking Space?

Coworking was originally thought of as a viable option for freelancers or those who work at home, but its popularity has grown to become a trend for businesses that are of any size. The kinds of people who reap these benefits in coworking nowadays are:

Remote workers who require offices away from their home office.
Travelers who require an area to work on business trips.
Freelancers who want to network, collaborate and profit from a space that is shared.
Small business owners seeking to cut costs and remain flexible.
Entrepreneurs looking for to have a space that grows with their needs.
People who are more accustomed to traditional office spaces, are looking for spaces that can inspire them.
Large corporations with employees that travel.
Corporates seeking an additional space to accommodate teams working on projects.