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What to Expect from a Good Social Media Agency in Brighton?

Have you considered hiring a company for social media but you’re not sure if it is really necessary? The views of people on the importance of social media lie in several different areas on an extensive scale. Some think that social media is absolutely everything, while some believe the social network is simply marketing’s cool, edgy cousin that’s only available at large events only at least once a year.

Here’s the truth:

There are no more days where social media was just an added bonus to a traditional marketing plan or campaign. Nowadays, many businesses and brands recognize the importance of social media but aren’t sure of the best way to implement it.

Surely, you haven’t casually tacked on “social media management” to an existing marketing employee’s job description, or have you? Perhaps, you’ve trying to do it by yourself? Heck, you’re a busy business owner. If you’re able to implement a highly efficient social media plan, in addition to other commitments, you must either

A) have superpowers or b) be a mastermind. In this scenario, we’d like to chat.

We’re not saying that there are a lot of ways to increase their social media presence without hiring an agency but that route can only go so far. After you’ve exhausted your own potential and completed everything you know how to accomplish, it’s the time to call for the big guns. Apart from the easy creation of gorgeous content and having master storytellers at your fingertips the hiring of a social media agency can bring a lot of benefits.

These are our top 7

1. Establish a Consistent Social Media Presence

Social media posts that are made on a whim can be a bit confusing for your customers, but it could also make people wonder whether your company is functioning. As more and more people use social media, they are utilizing social media platforms in search of information. This means that, in addition to a simple Google search, people are likely to look for your company on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. If you’ve not updated your posts in several months or years or they’re unable to locate you it could be that they will take your business to another place. Regularly posting builds trust, keeps your clients engaged and up to date about sales and events and indicates that your business is in good shape and is ready for businesses.

There is no secret formula for publishing on social networks. Certain businesses can do it by posting three times per week, while others decide to pursue their individual goals with five or more posts every week. When it comes to Instagram the algorithm prefers consistency, meaning the need for a consistent schedule of posting is non-negotiable. If you’re not certain what this “algorithm” nonsense is about, that’s even more of a reason to reach us.

2. Find a plan to Social Media Success

So, let’s say you’d like 10,000 followers. You post three times per week (religiously) and your Instagram feed appears polished as well as cute, and you use thirty of the most well-known hashtags. However, you’re still not seeing any significant growth. What gives?

It turns out that social media is merely the visible cherry on top over layers of behind-the-scenes marketing strategy. We do more than make feeds appear attractive. When we take on an incoming client we will discuss the pricing of your products and competition, target audience determination, goals and many more.

10,000 followers? Sure. In two weeks? Perhaps it won’t be. It’s not unless you manage to be a big hit on TikTok. But it’s a discussion to come up on a different day. By hiring a social media agency, you no longer have to post to Instagram shut your eyes and hope for the best. We will create an educated strategy that is actionable and helps reach your goals.

3. You can access an Team of Social Media Experts

Maybe you’re at an entirely different point in your journey. You’re aware that social media is essential, but you’re still confused on the best path to follow. Should you employ another member of the marketing team who’s job would be exclusively dedicated to social media? What about an intern? Someone in college who needs course credits? Maybe your sister’s-friend’s-cousin who went viral on Twitter that one time?

When you work with a media company, you’re receiving a whole team of experts, typically at only a fraction of the monthly cost of another full-time employee. Instead of relying on one person on the team to take on a variety of duties and wear many roles, you have instant access to innovative graphic designers, SEO strategists, spellbinding copywriters and expert social media administrators. Every step in your brand’s social media experience is carefully crafted by skilled professionals, and nothing slips through the cracks.

4. Make use of top-quality tools and resources

Hiring a social media agency provides you with access to a team of experts and, along with them, a vast range of tools and resources employed to enhance your brand’s web presence. You don’t have to be concerned about buying or educating yourself on how to utilize scheduling platforms and content management systems design software, or any of the other apps.

The tools are all here and ready to roll. Things like Trello, Slack, Later, Canva, and Dubsado are all part of our toolkit, which we employ on a regular basis to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

5. Make a decision based on data

It was done! You got 500 likes on your latest Instagram post. You eagerly post another and, with only 40 likes, you begin to think Instagram is getting a little agitated. What is the reason why one post can be successful and another one fall flat? You go through your Instagram Insights but the numbers are confusing. What’s reach? Are impressions really what they seem to be? There are answers hiding in the data, but you’re unsure of what it all means.

If you decide to work with a social media agency the strategy and data drive everything. We look at your social media insights and determine what’s working very well (and double-down) as well as what’s not (and revisit the drawing board), and carefully decide our next steps. The numbers don’t lie but they do not always give the full picture neither do they tell the whole story. We adopt a holistic method when looking at social reports, paying close attention to what types of content resonates the most with your users and what is driving conversions.

6. Develop strong relationships with your Followers

If you’re a busy company or business owner, staying on top of your social media alerts can be a struggle. It’s not a good idea to ignore an individual customer or forget to greet them in person Don’t let that happen on your social channels!

A lot has changed in the social media landscape in the past five years, and it is continuing to evolve almost daily. But there is one thing that remains constant in the present-people are drawn to brands who are able to be human through social media, and go beyond posting an attractive photo. They want to learn more about you, talk with you, and share their experiences with you. It’s a conversational two-way channel.

Whether it’s comments and DMs (or the occasional negative review) Social media agency serves as an additional member of the customer support team, fostering warm connections and building trust with your target audience. Engaging with your customers can aid the algorithm a bit here and there but, most importantly, it enhances the human side of your brand and creates a stronger relationship with your customers.

7. Use Your Time for What You Love Most

When it comes down to it One of the most valuable benefits of hiring a media agency is saved time. For a busy business owner, it can be difficult to delegate social media to an already overloaded marketing staff, or to tackle it yourself. Contrary to other traditional avenues of marketing, social media is nuanced and requires dedicated attention, particularly if you want to experience success.

Social media is a crucial element in most companies’ marketing strategies, but many business owners do not are able to tackle that task by themselves. With our highly skilled team of professionals with years of experience We let you concentrate on what you do best, while we take care of all the rest.

Let’s Chat!

Are you willing to build your company’s Social Media presence? Hiring a social media agency Brighton could be the most reliable and efficient way to do so! From helping you maintain your online presence, to establishing strong relationships with your audience and minimizing your the time (and money) employing an agency for social media adds benefit to your company in numerous ways.

Every company requires a unique approach to their social media strategy, and we’d love to discuss yours.