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Why are explainer videos so useful?

It’s concise, short and engaging. This video can change the way people feel about a product or service. This is the power of explainer videos and the reason they are the best form of video marketing content.
This success is based on real-world data. An 2020 study on the effectiveness of marketing videos strategies revealed that 84% consumers were convinced by an explainer video to purchase a product or services.

A company website can be enhanced by embedding an explainer video. This has been proven to increase conversion rates by as much as 80%. This helps to explain why they are the number one marketing video choice for almost three quarters (73%) marketers.
What is an explainer clip?

An explainer video is a brief film that shows how something works. These videos are used to promote a product or service, or to increase sales.

They can also be used for educational and informational purposes.

Marketing-based explainer videos typically last between 45 to 90 seconds. They use a short conversational script and a visually appealing style to grab viewers’ attention. These are the two main types.
1. Explainer videos animated

This is the most popular form of digital tools, making it an economical option for companies of all sizes. There are many options, with the most popular being:

2D Vector – A digital version of a classic ‘flat’ cartoon style.
3D Animation – Use 3D models to create animation
Motion Graphics – animation of text, graphs and charts

While animation is usually handled by an outside production company, there are tools such as Powtoon that allow you to create simple videos in-house. The more you can afford, the more options and the higher the quality.

Animation offers a great deal of creative freedom. With an explainer video agency, you have the freedom to create any kind of world or style you like.

2. Live-action explainer videos

This is a traditional approach, with videos made using real people and objects. It could be as simple a person talking to the camera about a product or service. It could be as simple as someone talking to the camera and demonstrating a product or service.

A live-action approach has the advantage of creating an emotional, human connection. It’s an easy way to make your brand stand out among the rest.

Although there are limitations to what is possible, a simple and creative approach can make live-action incredibly cost-effective.

There is no one right way to do things. A lot of explainer videos use a combination of animated and live-action sequences.

Why are explainer videos so powerful?

Explainer videos are the most popular form of video marketing. They work because they are effective. They are a form content that can be used to engage clients and customers, and increase conversion rates.

But what is the real story? It is the explainer video format which achieves such remarkable results. Let’s take a look at some qualities.
Brands get more attention

You must understand the benefits of your product or service to create an effective explainer video. You must be concise in explaining yourself.

What are you really doing?
Why should anyone be curious?
How can you get them to be interested?

These are fundamental questions, but they are difficult to answer. This is especially true as an organization’s nature changes over time. You must remove all noise from the process of creating an explanation video and concentrate on what is important.

Tells engaging stories

An unusually high retention rate of 77% for explainer videos is achieved by effective video producers. This means that viewers will watch the video until the end, regardless of how many times they have seen it.

This is because a good explainer video tells an interesting story. It has a clear narrative structure that draws viewers in and takes them on an enjoyable and brief journey. Most videos follow this structure:
1. Problem solved
The viewer is enticed by the relatable problem you are trying to solve.
2. Offer your solution
You should describe how your company’s product/service addresses the problem.
3. Demonstrate how it works

Now, you will show how your solution solves this problem.
4. Make a call to action

This video marketing type shows viewers how to access the solution: sign up for a service, purchase an item, etc.

This is a very simple, versatile structure that communicates the benefits of your work. Videos are usually only 90 seconds long, but you need to think about the narrative structure. How do you engage viewers and take them on a journey?

Communicates your culture

An explainer video can be viewed as a way to demonstrate what you do. It’s much more than that. An explainer video can convey the culture and “feel” of your company and brand through its format, style and attitude.

Your approach should reflect how you want customers and clients to see you. You could choose to be professional and calm, or show creativity and humor. An indy beer company’s style is not likely to work the same way as a law firm.

A professional video production company will ensure that an explainer video’s approach is consistent with the brand and culture of the company.
Format flexibility

A explainer video can be shared in a variety of formats. It’s easy to access and clear content makes it useful wherever it is accessed. It’s the same impact regardless of whether it’s shared on a website landing page, shared on a smartphone, or projected on a huge digital billboard.

The videos are flexible in many ways. It could be used in a presentation, or integrated into an employee onboarding process. It could be used in a crowdsourcing campaign, or as content for the bidding process on clients and contracts.

A good explainer video can be used as a modern business card. This is a quick and simple way to communicate with people and to show them what you are about.
Your SEO Rankings will be boosted

Search engines use this information to rank pages. They look at how many times visitors spend time on a page, and how often they interact with the content. This is done in Google Analytics via Sessions. The average time that a visitor stays on a page is around 15 seconds.

Explainer videos are great for SEO rankings. They send out the right signals to the algorithm by keeping people on the site for at least two minutes. Visitors will interact with the content by clicking links, creating accounts, and more, if there is a clear call to action.

Google and other companies are placing more video content at the top search results pages. An explainer video can be used as a global gateway by making smart use of keywords and tags.