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Workplace Productivity: Summer Edition

The winter and summer office are two different things and should be tackled in varying ways. The Winter way of life is keeping warm, reducing the spread of germs and trying to beat the glum feeling of dark mornings and bad weather.

On the other hand, summer welcomes what winter lacks – sun, beer gardens and light mornings. Having said that, summer has been known to be the time of year where we are most distracted. Summer distractions come from high heats, excessive day dreaming and the need of a holiday.

No matter the time of year, productivity needs to be high, as this is what keeps a business running smoothly. The great thing about summer is in general people are happier, so if you can create a happy and productive workplace, you must be doing something right!

As the months are getting warmer, and the day getting brighter, what can you do in order to be summer ready?!

Summer Strolls

Nothing beats having a walk outside and lapping up the sunshine. Rather than staying stationary at a desk for a full 8 hours, take the time to stretch your legs and get some steps in.

When the sun is out, it can feel a shame that we’re indoors for most of the day. Take your lunch break and let the summer breeze blow away the cobwebs. 

Open the windows

You’d be surprised what a breeze can do to productivity.

Crack open the windows and let natural light and a fresh breeze flow through the office. There’s nothing worse than being in a stuffy office and trying to be creative, the airflow will create a comfortable temperature and fingers crossed, productivity will be just as great!

Working Outdoors

Taking the lunch time walk one step further, why not work outdoors?

We understand that not every job makes it possible to up and leave, but if it’s possible what harm can it do? Setting up outside not only helps with moral but allows those who want it to take advantage of the vitamin D within work hours.

It’s not a must, but we think it’s definitely worth mulling over.

Reward the Team

What shows recognition more than a reward!?

One of the main benefits of summer is being able to use and enjoy the outdoors. Use this to your benefit and finish the workday early and bask in the rays.

Sunshine, games and a BBQ – what a way to show recognition with an afternoon of appreciation and winding down.