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Reasons to use biodegradable glitter

Today’s glitter is 100% Biodegradable. Glitter can cause lots of harm to the environment but fortunately, we have found a solution: biodegradable glitter.

It is important to take care individually of our footprint on the earth. One way to do this is to pay attention to what we consume.

One of the industries that pollutes the most is Cosmetics. Many plastic bottles are discarded every day, and the components used in the cosmetic industry harm the environmental. An excellent example of this problem can be seen in the industry of glitter.

The current trend in glitter is to focus on an ecological alternative that could be utilized instead of the usual glitters that are made of contaminant plastic materials.

There is a growing trend that is the use of glitters in many cosmetic applications, such as eyeshadows and shower gels hair gels, body scrubs masks, etc. Though all those applications look beautiful and sparkly, unfortunately, most are made of plastic which damage the environment since it’s composed of microplastics and cannot be recycled.

The majority of glitters made from plastic go directly to the ocean and due to their size, they do not be filtered. Plastic glitter not only contaminates water bodies but also marine life since the plastic particles do not decompose or degrade. Fish eat them, and, as a result, we end up eating our own waste when we consume seafood.

Other plastic glitter particles go into the soil, which is equally damaging. The plastic glitter can be found in the environment for thousands of years, without degrading. the majority of them end up up in the water , too.

There are some fortunate countries across the globe, like the UK as well as in certain important festivals, people have observed the irreparable harm that normal glitters can do to the environment, and are imposing bans on them to avoid their repercussions.

A line of biodegradable sparkles was developed.

As previously mentioned the trend of using bio-glitters is growing each season. And since we are awestruck by glitters and would like to keep using them, a line of biodegradable glitters has been developed.

It is true that the main advantage of the line Cosmetic Bio-glitters compared to normal glitters is as stated before, the ability to biodegrade. However, there are many other benefits to take into account, for example, the fact that the Cosmetic Bio-glitters are softer than glitters. Since they are not made of hard plastics they are more gentle on the skin. As usual, glitters are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 100 microns up to 2.4 millimeters. Furthermore, they are available in various colors (such as silver, green, blue, rose, red and so on.) to make the perfect combinations.

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A crucial aspect to point out regarding the cosmetic bio-glitters is the fact that they will never begin to begin biodegrading in your cosmetics. They have to be in the soil or water under certain conditions like humidity or temperature in order to begin the process of biodegradation. In addition they need the support of microorganisms found in places like soils and the ocean to begin the biodegradable process. That’s why they are considered to be biodegradable.
How can we be mindful of our environment and still look amazing

In all the ways mentioned, bio-glitter is an innovative approach to enjoy all the glitters without harming. If there is an option to reduce the harm regular glitters cause for the planet, it is our responsibility to make use of it. It is vital to start learning about ourselves and be accountable to what we consume as well as having considered all the impacts that our products could have on the environment.