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The Pros And Cons Of Buying Anime Figures

Yes there are pros as well as pros to purchasing anime characters.

Of course, no business in anime ever thought about telling you this (if they are selling anime characters).

They’d think it’s not logical.

Or does it?

Every business or product has pros and pros and. It doesn’t matter what anyone is to tell (or advertising) you.

Anyone who says the opposite is taking advantage of you.

With this in mind Here’s a list of pros and cons to think about. Particularly if you’re in the beginning stages of purchasing and collecting anime figurines.


1. They’re designed to last for many years to come.

This is particularly true for PVC Statues. Because they’re of the best quality.

The anime characters, generally are designed to last, just from an ornament.

So long as you take good care of your figurines they’ll endure for many years to come.

2. Incredible aesthetics

Every single aspect in Zero Two from Darling In The Franxx is recorded. There’s virtually no difference from the original version from the animated series.

So , in general, whatever anime character you choose to purchase, it’s sure to be eye-catching that will make an impression regardless of where you put them.

3. Materials of the highest quality

It doesn’t matter if we’re speaking about PVC Statues Nendoroid’s, PVC figures, or action figures. They all make use of high quality materials. PVC Statues made from the highest quality.

Although Nendoroid is most “cheapest” of the three models, they have decent quality in their designs.

4. Movable parts that offer lots of flexibility

Contrary to PVC Statues that are more than ornaments, Nendoroid’s action figures come with moving parts. Each comes with their own set of body components, accessories that can swap, and much more.

This alone is the reason why Figma’s and Nendoroid’s extremely realistic, since you’re basically bringing your favorite character to life.

5. The money you spend on Azur Lane figures goes back into the business

It may sound obvious, but it’s worth noting.

Every time you purchase it is reinvested back into the business.

The procedure is as follows:

The producer produces an item.
A distributor (or retailer) buys it.
The retailer sells it to the general public.
Customers purchase the product.
Retailers earn an income.
This money is then used to purchase additional anime figures.
The company (and distributors) offer more anime figures according to the demand.
This cycle goes on.

Between all this, certain anime companies (that aren’t associated with manufacturers) also make money.

At the end of the day everyone is a winner. Nobody loses out.


1. Certain anime characters tend to be more delicate than other characters.

Like other similar products how much you spend will influence this.

Let’s consider the above image as an illustration. It’s priced between PS900 to PS1000plus. It’s not a normal number by any measure.

The availability of the figure is limited throughout the world however, the most important thing is that dropping a statue like that from any level can be harmful.

Figures from anime aren’t as fragile as glass, but it’s something to be noted.

2. Not an easy fix after damage or a break.

In contrast to a laptop or smartphone, you’re not able to take your device towards the maker (or retail store) and hope that your anime character will be fixed.

This isn’t how it works.

If the item is damaged during transport the chances are you’ll be able to get a replacement default. However, any damage that is self-inflicted can be difficult to repair.

In certain cases, you may not be able to fix the damage, based on the severity. If you don’t know how to put pieces back together.

It’s an extremely difficult process and is best avoided altogether!

3. The more anime characters you purchase, the smaller space you’ll have available for storage

If you don’t have a space sufficient to hold these number of figurines.

If you don’t have the same amount of storage space as the picture above (like the majority of people) this could become an issue.

As with any type of collecting, you need to be prepared for having too many things to keep track of. Finding the room to keep all your collection items.

This is a matter of how committed you are and whether or whether you’re an occasional collector. This is only an issue dependent on the number of figures you decide to purchase.