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What To Know About Fireworks

Always observe the rules for fireworks, abide by these laws and ensure your safety at night by the bonfire!

Make sure to buy only fireworks that are marked BS 7114, or with CE markings (EN 15947)
Drink no alcohol if have been designated as the fireworks lighter
Make sure you keep all fireworks inside a sealed box
Follow the guidelines for each specific firework.
It is recommended to light fireworks in a safe distance using the taper that is provided.
Keep your eyes on the road
Do not get too close to fireworks which have been lit, but haven’t yet gone off because they could still explode or explode.
Never keep fireworks in your pocket , and never throw them.
Always supervise children around fireworks.
Use gloves that are not flammable when working with sparklers
Don’t give sparklers to children when they are younger than five years old.
Pets should be kept inside.
Do not set off your loud fireworks later in the midnight and not later than 11:00 p.m. (except for certain events)


If you are caught using fireworks in a way that isn’t legal in any way, you could have to pay an amount of PS80 at the time of arrest. If you’re found to be guilty in the court of law the possibility of the maximum penalty of PS5k.

It’s a crime to:

You should only purchase adult fireworks if you’re not yet 18 years old.
Set off fireworks on the street, or in other places that are public.
The fireworks will begin at 11 a.m. between 7 and 11 a.m.
But, you can enjoy fireworks prior to midnight on bonfire night , and up to midnight or 1 a.m. for Thanksgiving. New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year or Diwali.
If you’re planning to use fireworks, you must be mindful of your neighbors to ensure that you don’t create a disturbance.

Be safe, do not be frightened.

The idea of having fireworks at your house can be lots of fun, so you use them in a safe manner. Follow our simple steps to ensure the fireworks you use are safe and fun.

Fireworks are safe to use if they are used in the right way. If you’re planning to stage an outdoor display and you want to make sure that you take few steps to ensure everyone is having fun without getting injured.

Children should be able to enjoy fireworks, but they must be aware that they could be dangerous in the event of misuse. Each year, more than half of the firework-related injuries occur to children. Child Accident Prevention Trust Child Accident Prevention Trust has more advice on how to keep children secure.


Sparklers are five times hotter than cooking oil. Sparklers aren’t toys and should not be handed out to children who are younger than five years old.


Don’t compromise on quality in order to save some money. Make sure you purchase fireworks from a trusted online store (like the one we use) to ensure that they are in line in accordance with British regulations. This means they are expected to carry BS 7114 written on the packaging.

There are times when stores have a limited opening time prior to Bonfire Night, but these aren’t the best locations to purchase fireworks. Staff at these stores may not be well-versed in the safety of using fireworks and their fireworks may not conform to British standards.

Whatever you do, don’t purchase fireworks from any place you’re not certain about such as the back of a van , or an unintentional market stand.

When looking to buy fireworks online make sure you visit the Galactic Fireworks shop…

What to buy

There are many different types of fireworks. People who are citizens can purchase and then set off the majority of the fireworks in the category 1 to 3. These are fireworks that comprise fireworks that you can set off inside, in your backyard or at a show. Make sure you read the entire package to ensure that the fireworks you’re purchasing are suitable for the area where you’re planning to use them.


Certain fireworks are only bought and operated by professional fireworks experts. This includes air bombs airborne missiles and aerial maroons mortar and grenade shells, mini rockets, all bangers and erratic-flight fireworks. They also include Categories 2 , 3 and 4 fireworks which go beyond the size limit as well as all Category 4 fireworks.

Setting them off

One person will be responsible for the fireworks. If you are that person, make sure you’ve taken all required precautions. Know the rules and don’t consume alcohol until you’ve been cleared of all charges. Plan ahead, and at daylight. In the dark you’ll require:

A Light
Two buckets or a bucket of water
Protection for the hand and eye
A bucket of earth that is soft to put fireworks
The right support that will work with the right support for Catherine wheel or your rocket.


If you’re planning an event for fireworks that is open to people in general, take a look at our guide on how you can put together an efficient and secure fireworks display.

Protect your animals

It is important to take the necessary measures to safeguard your pet throughout the season where fireworks are expected to start.