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How Can Massage Help With Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica-related pain could make everyday activities like walking, sitting, or standing difficult. It is possible to feel discomfort throughout your lower back and hips, legs, feet and buttocks. Although painkillers can offer some relief for a short time, you might think about getting massages to ease sciatica-related pain.

Learn more about the benefits of massage, and learn about various techniques of massage that alleviate the pain.

Benefits of massage therapy for sciatica

Massage therapy can ease sciatica pain by relaxing muscles that are tight, reducing tension, enhancing the flow of blood, as well as creating healthier healing atmosphere.

The tightness of the lower back muscles as well as the trunk can put tension upon the nerve that runs through sciatica. In addition, tight muscles can create painful nodules that can trigger points of pain. Massage can to loosen and stretch the muscles, which can ease the lower back pain.

Massage can stimulate the pressure receptors which reduce cortisol levels within your body. The lower levels of cortisol means less stress. The relaxation and relief associated with reduced stress will reduce your sensation of pain.

Additionally, manipulation of soft tissues increases blood flow to the dipper tissues. This helps in the flow of nutrients to promote healing.

The most effective types of massages for sciatica

The most effective massage techniques to help alleviate sciatica pain are:

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage for sciatica utilizes gentle pressure from your fingers as well as slow strokes to release tension in your muscles and connective tissues. It only takes 30 minutes of treatment to notice improvements in your lower back discomfort.

Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage relaxes tight muscles and promotes relaxation. Massage therapists place heated stones on specific areas of your body. He or she can use them during Swedish methods of massage.

Swedish massage

A massage therapist employs fluid movements that stimulate the nerve endings, a process which increases blood circulation. Swedish massage can also help relax and eases tension.

Although massage therapy may not be able to fix the root cause of sciatica-related pain however, it can improve your life quality and alleviate your symptoms. Be sure to talk to your doctor before beginning any type of massage to make sure it’s a safe choice for the sciatica pain you’re experiencing.