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Reasons to Have a Sports Massage

Although the title Sports massage suggests its limited to athletic or’sporty’ people, this is simply an untruth. Sports massage targets the muscles and soft tissue of the body, aiming to reducing aches & pain getting you into your best posture, and avoid injuries that could occur in the future.

Massages for sports are beneficial to all from professionals to office workers.

Benefits of massage

The Sports Massage provides a lot of advantages for your body that it can help both physically and psychologically.

Improves Range of Motion- Massage helps to increase the range of motion in the muscles by eliminating adhesions and tightness from the muscles and enhancing tissue elasticity.
Increases the usage of MusclesMassage assists to decrease muscle tension as well as scar tissue & adhesions, each of which limits the muscles’ capabilities.
Speeds Recovery after Injury- Massage increases blood circulation, which assists in recovering. Eliminating waste materials from the soft tissue & replenishing blood with nutrients and oxygen.
Reduces Scar Tissue- Massage can be employed to help align scar tissue, diminishing its appearance and improving the movement opportunities around the wound.
Improves Confidence- Massage can be applied prior to an event to alleviate any aches and injuries that can result from training. It will also give you confidence in what your body can do.
Improves Self-awareness – With the gentle pressure of a massage you will discover any areas that are tender and tight, or weak. It will also give you an understanding of the way that your muscles work and allow you to adjust the training you are doing.
Increases Energy Levels- Massage increases blood flow in the body. The blood supplies oxygen to muscles, which is essential for energy.

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Improves Performance all of the benefits mentioned above, you can also expect an improvement in your chosen sport. More range, better muscles, and a greater awareness of what is happening in you body.
Reduces Heart rate & Blood Pressure- Massage helps to turn off the sympathetic nervous system (flight & flight) and also stimulates the parasympathetic nerve system (involuntary) this creates an euphoric response within the body, lowering heart rate and blood pressure.
Increases Blood flow- Massage increases blood flow to muscles by bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues as well as removing waste products.
Reduces Pain: Reducing tension and eliminating waste materials in the soft tissue helps to ease pain for a short period of time. Adjusting the posture and misbalance of the body help to reduce the amount of pain in the long-term.
Aids Relaxation- Massage reduces muscular tension and helps relax muscles. This, in turn, helps clients to relax.
Improves Mood- Massage increase the feel-good hormones oxytocin and serotonin meaning you will always feel more relaxed that when you first arrived!
Relieves Anxiety and Stress- Massage can increase the levels of those feel good hormones. It also blocks the stress hormones cortisol as well as adrenaline which help reduce stress & anxiety. When someone has an ongoing issue, the problem itself can lead to anxiety and stress. Massage can help reduce discomfort and signs of the illness in addition to allowing relaxation and easing the anxiety that is associated with the issue.
Improved Sleep – By reducing the pain, anxiety and stress and giving the space to relax massage can assist you to have a restful night’s sleep.

The Importance of Assessment

Every treatment will begin with an assessment , be it looking at the way you walk, your posture or movement of your muscles. By taking a look at your body, your therapist is able to find any muscle imbalances within the body. They could then use techniques to address the imbalance, aiming to bring more harmony to the body.

What are we looking for?

Short and strong muscles
Muscles that are weak and long

The test aids in identifying the muscles that are strongbut small & working too hard, and those that are weaker, longer , and not pulling their weight. By giving length to short muscles & strength to weak muscles, it is possible to establish more equilibrium in our bodies which will prevent any misbalances or further injuries.

Home Care & Rehabilitation

A big part of seeing results is the home care strategy. A sports Massage is only a small amount of time throughout your week/ month, so that you can see lasting results you for a long time, it is crucial to remain on top of your home care advice.