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Stop Smoking and Reduce Alcohol Consumption for Better Erections

The condition is affecting approximately 30 million American males.

But it’s not just older men…younger women are also affected however, they may not be suffering for the same reasons.

Erections happen when the arteries of the penis are relaxed and expand to allow blood flow through. Since the arteries are responsible for maintaining and obtaining an erection, they’re equally responsible for when you are unable to achieve an erection.

If you suffer from illnesses and conditions that impact the arteries in your body, it’s likely impact the penis erectile system also.

Many of them result from bad choices in lifestyle. If you make positive changes to your life you can lessen or even eliminate weak erections.

6 Methods to have stronger erections without medication for ED

Exercise regularly
Eat a healthy diet
Do not smoke or drink.
Practice kegel exercises
Herbs from nature

1) Exercise

It could be it’s an easy one…and there’s a valid reason to do so.

An article released in The American Journal of Cardiology found that aerobic exercise could enhance erectile functioning. After only 30 days, those who participated in a daily , 6-minute walking program experienced a significant reduction of 71% of the reported ED.

This is because ED is usually due to blood flow issues in the penis. Diabetes, obesity as well as high cholesterol and vascular disease all impact blood flow…and each of them can result in the incidence of ED.

As little as 5 minutes of exercise to your daily routine is an excellent start to build a stronger erection. Intense exercise such as Strength training or high-intensity Interval Training (HIIT), can boost testosterone levels. This will aid in increasing strength, libido as well as enhance the function of your erectile organs.

2) Diet

You have what you eat…and they’re absolutely right.

Consuming large amounts of highly processed food items are not just bad for your health over the long term however, it can also increase the likelihood for developing ED.

A Massachusetts Male Aging Study identified a direct correlation between eating habits as well as erectile dysfunction. Researchers found that a greater chance of developing impotence was directly related to hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.

It’s the reason eating the right foods is essential. Green leafy vegetables, vibrant veg and lean cuts of meat can provide you with stronger erections.

3.) Quit smoking, Cut Down on Alcohol Consumption

Lifestyle choices are a key element in ED.

A 2013 study revealed that there was a strong correlation between smoking, illegal drug use and ED was observed in men younger than 40.

The reason is that the chemicals in your bloodstream after smoking cigarettes block the flow of blood, which causes your blood vessels to harden.

Alcohol however reduces the brain’s ability to sense sexual stimulation which can interfere with nerve endings. This causes a floppy penis or erections that aren’t lasting for long.

If you’re seeking the most natural method of getting a better erection, stopping smoking cigarettes and reducing the amount of alcohol you consume every week is a great starting point.

4) Destress

The stress and anxieties that may result from relationships issues stress at work, financial problems, is a unexpected reason for ED. It may hinder the brain from communicating signals to your muscles and nerves in order to help you achieve an erection.

A study on veterans suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) discovered an increase in the chance of having sexual dysfunction by more than three times. Additionally, stress over a long period of time could affect your body’s natural processes, leading to other health problems as time passes.

If you’re struggling with anxiety or stress You may find that meditation or exercise can aid. If the problem is more serious, you might consider consulting your physician.

5) Kegel exercises

Pelvic exercises have shown to greatly improve sexual performance for men suffering from ED.

Researchers from The University of Bristol, England discovered that pelvic floor exercises assisted 40% of men suffering from ED to regain normal erectile functioning. Further, 35.5 percent of men reported improvement in their sexual function.

The Kegel exercise is the ideal exercises to incorporate into your daily routine since they build the bulbocavernosus muscles which plays a crucial function in allowing blood circulate to penis.

6.) Natural herbs

Another method to fight ED or keep blood flow into the penis by using herbal remedies that are natural.

Tongkat Ali For instance is a species of species that’s been utilized for many centuries. It is popular in nations such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand to combat impotence, increase the libido and help maintain healthy hormone levels.

An examination of testosterone levels among males revealed that after a period after taking the 200mg Tongkat Ali the percentage of men who had normal testosterone levels increased from 35.5 percent to 90.8 percent.

A different herb can be found in Yohimbine it is a remedy derived by the orchard of the Yohimbe tree that is found throughout Central Africa. It is used extensively to treat ED and aiding in weight loss.

A double-blind research study on the effects of yohimbine on patients suffering from erectile dysfunction revealed the 34% patients had at least a partial improvement after one month of treatment every day. Another study found that yohimbine proved to be a more effective treatment for ED than the placebo group with virtually no negative side negative effects.


Even if you’re not suffering from ED being able to keep stronger erections going can be a huge boost to a man’s confident sexuality and confidence in social situations. Making some minor lifestyle changes can not only aid you in your sexuality but also benefit your health in many other areas as well.