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Typical Reasons To See A Hypnotherapist

People seek Hypnotherapy sessions due to a variety of reasons. Certain requests are more frequent than others. These are the most common topics that patients ask me when they come to me for an appointment.

Number 5 – Weight Loss

The mental state of an individual is often the main reason for someone who has gained weight. However, a positive mindset can assist someone in losing the weight. In order to achieve this, I typically have to address a range of subjects, such as self-esteem and self-confidence and motivational enhancement and removing anxiety-related eating habits, and modifying eating habits, for example, cutting out sugary foods, and to eat healthy and exercise regularly. In all of my various topics that I deal with I find this to be one of the most difficult ones. It is essential to reinforce the process to ensure that the brain has absorbed those new habits that are likely towards achieving the weight reduction goals.

Fourth – Quitting Smoking

Stopping Smoking is not an easy task. In the words of the National Institute of Health, “More than 85 percent of people who attempt to quit their own, relapse within one week.” Every smoker is aware, nicotine is physically addictive, causing chemical effects directly on the brain. Additionally, those who are trying to quit smoking only must face withdrawal, but also has to remove associations between the old triggers, such as drinking coffee, drinking alcohol and smoking. Hypnotherapy is still one of the most effective methods to stop smoking, if the person is determined to stop.

Number 3- Fears/Phobias

Many people are anxious about the future due to finding themselves operating from an unhealthy place because of previous experiences that have shaped them. They anticipate that something negative is likely occur again, and, as a result, feel fearful. Some people have fears that are unfounded and seem unfounded. They are the ones we call fears. One of the most prevalent fears that I have encountered are fear of flying as well as the anxiety to drive on highways. In a place like LA where driving onto a freeway is an absolute requirement driving can be a crippling one and in the case of those afraid about flying could result in missing out on great opportunities. Hypnotherapy is an effective method to release the crippling fears that keep people from moving forward.

Number 2. Self-Confidence Problems

Everybody has fears. The feeling of doubting yourself prior to presenting a talk or feeling a little bit of anxious energy during an exciting first date are normal reactions to difficult situations. This is a normal reaction. However, some people suffer from self-confidence problems that are more intense. They may cause them to feel so uncertain of themselves that they’re incapable of making decisions and complete the tasks they have to do until they undermine their own goals. Hypnotherapy is a great tool for to overcome their fears. In releasing self doubt and feeling confident, an individual can be invincible, and be able to achieve success in all aspects of their lives.

Number 1 Depression and Anxiety

Humans are all the same. Everyone has experienced depression or anxiety during their lives. If you take into account the option of not getting help, or the myriad of addictive drugs that depressed and anxious people use every day, it is logical to utilize hypnotherapy in Hampton Hill since tapping into your subconscious mind is the best way to heal yourself naturally that one can perform. Hypnotherapy is an effective countermeasure to fight depression and anxiety.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, remember that you’re not the only one. I get calls from people often, and tell me that they feel they’re the only one. They are broken. There’s been instances that a person has contacted me to tell me about what’s going on, and, in my mind, I’m thinking “Oh sure, I’ve had the same thing in the past.” Another thing I’ve learned from this kind of job is the fact that we share a lot more than we do, regardless of race or religion. Similar to how people have managed to overcome challenges, and overcome obstacles, you too can. I have seen this all the time.