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A guide on picking flowers for a wedding

Wedding flowers date back to Roman brides who adorned themselves with garlands to signify new beginnings. There’s something very romantic and pleasing to the eyes when it comes natural floristry.
If you are not a botanic expert, where can you begin when choosing the perfect wedding flowers? Here are 3 professional wedding florists sharing their knowledge and tips.
Get Wedding Flower Advice from the Experts

There are many options when it comes to wedding floristry. It all depends on what day you envision, the style that you want to create, and the venue you choose.

Consider the shape, size, and colour of your Bridal Bouquet.
If you are a lover of boho-chic, floral crowns and hair flowers are great options.
Your best friends can also get involved in the beautiful floristry of bridesmaids bouquets. You can mix and match, but they must complement your bridal bouquet.
Groom & Groomsmen Boutonnieres are usually composed of one or two flowers and additional foliage. They mark a symbol for honour and bring together the wedding parties attire.
Pew flowers and ceremony will bring your wedding day to life no matter where you choose to walk down the aisle.
Floral Arches can be a wonderful feature to keep you ‘I do!’ You have the option of a traditional wooden arch with classic roses, or a modern circular metal design.
You can invite your guests to your wedding by sending them flowers as an entrance.
Floristry can be used to create table centerpieces that include flowers. These can include subtle leaves or large central displays.

Consider these things when selecting your wedding flowers

The expert florists will now share their knowledge on how to make your wedding bloom spectacular.

While Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration, it is important to be authentic to yourself. Don’t let Pinterest fool you when planning the most important day of your life. Although I don’t believe in themes, I do believe that personal touches and uniqueness are important.

A colour palette is a more modern way to approach a color scheme. You could choose to use a variety of pinks, like peach, raspberry, baby, and apricot, instead of going for the traditional pink. Then, add a splash of contrast with a brighter colour such as vibrant orange for interest and contrast.

I recommend using seasonal flowers and foliage for your wedding day. It’s a good choice for your budget and it makes your wedding photos look more beautiful.

We only use British-grown flowers. However, we also have our own cutting garden where we grow our own unique stems that will enhance our designs. The flowers are also more sustainable because they have less travel. This means that the flowers last longer and our carbon footprint is reduced. It is important to work with your florist to find flowers that reflect the style and feel you desire for your wedding.

Our best advice is to choose the flowers you love most and reduce on those that are less important. If you are looking for a delicate, wired, beautiful shower bouquet, like Kate Middleton’s then it is worth the price of around PS500. Instead, opt for wrist corsages and massed gypsophila flowers for your bridesmaids.

If you dream of taking your photos in a beautiful arch of flowers outside of the church, you can have it. But you should also take out the pew end arrangements that you won’t be able to see when there are many people. You can move arch displays, especially if they’re on foam garlands to decorate other areas throughout the day. This is a way that the big investment is immediately more value for money.

People who love flowers will know how powerful displays can make. We recommend that you cut down on the other elements of your wedding. Beautiful flowers are enough to decorate tables without the need for any other than glassware and cutlery.

Avoid making mistakes with wedding flowers

You don’t want to get too enraptured by the magic of pastel roses and different types of greenery. Here are some floral faux pas that you should avoid.

Not booking your florist in time is one of the most common mistakes and pitfalls. It’s easy to miss out on weddings if they are full. We are currently taking bookings for 2022 and COVID has made it possible for us to have two years worth of weddings in one calendar year. ).

As a florist can offer design suggestions and finishing touches that will transform your space, I recommend that you bring them in early on the planning. Once you are happy with your florist’s style and feel confident they understand your vision, let them work their magic. Look at their Instagram for examples of their work, and then let them do the rest ….. Flowers are our passion, florists!

Pinterest is an excellent tool for wedding planning. However, keep in mind that there are often images of large-budget weddings and flowers in season at different times in the year. Use it as a guide instead of trying to replicate it in every detail.

My main tip would be to not spread your budget too thinly. If you have PS500 for a church ceremony, I would choose a statement arch design as the entrance. Then, perhaps, just one arrangement inside the church at the front where the focus is.

While I believe in getting what you want for your wedding, I would also listen to your florist and other suppliers. Weddings are their specialty and they have worked on many, so I trust their experience.

Let’s just say that you should relax. Sometimes couples have a romanticized view of their wedding day that can lead to unrealistic expectations. A PS10k budget for a wedding is not going to be the same as one you see on Instagram. It will be beautiful regardless of what. Don’t worry about micromanaging or obsessing over small details.

“I often tell people that their guests will rave over their wedding flowers for many years to come. This may sound a bit lofty and boastful, but flowers are very important to me and I want it to happen. It is, according to my reliable information – often from mother of the brides – exactly what happens.

Start your journey with flowers for weddings

Choosing the right wedding flowers can make a huge difference in the style and look of your big day. You can choose from classic and simple flowers or extravagant, brightly coloured bouquets. We recommend speaking with florists early in your planning process. If you’re looking for a blank canvas venue, we suggest researching your wedding flowers while you search for your perfect venue.