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Are there any side effects to a non-surgical Brazilian Bottom Lift?

Many women strive to have a firmer and better-looking bum. We all know that it’s not always easy to achieve that result by the diet and exercises alone.

Whether you’ve always wanted a pert bottom, or your buttocks have sagged with age or with changes in your weight and weight, a bum lift may assist in restoring the shape of your backside.

A butt lift treatment will shape and lift the buttocks, leaving them smooth and toned. This article will take a look at the very popular Brazilian Bum Lift and how it is achieved.

What exactly is Brazilian Bum Lift?

It is a Brazilian bum lift is an operation for augmentation of the buttock which helps patients achieve the popular hourglass figure by transferring fat to the buttocks in order to make them more large and full.

There are a few ways we can achieve the results of the Brazilian Bum lift:

Fat Grafting / Liposuction

A fat graft that uses Liposuction is done under local anaesthetic to transfer fat from places like the stomach, hips or thighs to the buttocks. The fat that is extracted is removed and injected into the butt to maximise volume and fullness. The result is a full, plump-looking bottom.

But there is a downside. Since it’s a surgical procedure, there is the possibility of having a number of negative effects attached to the procedure, which include scarring and infections that make it one of the riskiest cosmetic procedures. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has identified Bum Lift Surgeries as having the highest mortality rate of any procedure for aesthetics, with as many as one out of 3,000 patients suffering from the surgery. This is a very grim statistic!

The most effective alternative is a non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift.

Non-surgical Brazilian Bum lift

Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift is an effective and safe butt augmentation procedure designed to lift the sculpt and shape of your stomach without having to undergo a surgical procedure. Radiofrequency can form and raise your bum giving you the perfect hourglass shape in just a couple of weeks with no serious adverse effects.

Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lifts are a great way to get the stomach you’ve always wanted, leaving you feeling confident as a result. Our non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lifts use highly advanced and clinically proven Lipofirm Pro technology. This type of butt augmentation can help bring back volume and lift to the buttocks. It can also diminish visible cellulite providing the appearance of a more defined, smoother, and less dimple-free appearance.

It offers a shapely look to the butt, designed to give your body more definition and shape to your rear that isn’t possible through exercise or diet. It is also a way to address any problems with your skin and tissue , such as cellulite or stretch marks. Fill in hip dips, and help create the appearance of symmetry.

How does Lipofirm Brazil Butt Lift perform?

Lipofirm non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift is an effective and safe way to lift and contour how your stomach appears. Using our Lipofirm Pro/Med, which provides body contouring techniques, can effectively increase the muscle mass in the buttocks and thighs to firm the shape of your bum, and non-surgical skin lifting techniques can produce firmer and lifted skin. This leads to a firmer more curvaceous, defined and curvaceous bum.

Lipofirm Pro technology uniquely combines two different technologies: TriLipo Radiofrequency (RF) and TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA).

Lipofirm Pro/Med delivers simultaneously Radiofrequency and High-Intensity Focused Electronic Energy (HIFEM). When these two technologies are applied together to the buttocks the result is a build-up of your gluteal muscles while lifting and firming the skin delivering an non-invasive method of removing fat and lymphatic drainage, and also tightening the skin.

Lipofirm Pro/Med sends HIFEM through the skin and causes your muscles to contract at a an intense rate. This is equivalent to about thousands of physical squats performed in the gym. These high-intensity contractions force your muscle tissues to remodel their inner structure. As a result of this process, your gluteal muscles become stronger while fatty deposits fall off. This helps to make your butt more defined, with an improved shape and curvature. After only 2-4 weeks of treatment, patients will begin to see these amazing visual effects.

The benefits of Lipofirm Bum Lift

The Lipofirm Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the most popular butt augmentation methods available. Popular with Celebrities and recommended by medical experts it has proven to achieve the desired look within only a few weeks, and minimal downtime. Most of our patients see outcomes after the first session.

Instant results for the bum lift are seen in just one treatment
Reduces the appearance of cellulite
Smoothes wrinkles and decreases unwanted fat.
Tones the andro-buttocks’ skin, but without surgery
Lifts and shapes body contours for an hourglass-like figure.
Enhances the size and roundness of the buttocks.
Permanent solution to have bigger, shapelier and firmer buttocks

Lipofirm Brazilian Bum Lift are appearing on TV. Shows like Love Island have created such a buzz around the treatment, the treatment itself is now being dubbed “the Love Island Lift”.

Are there any possible side effects to Lipofirm the non-surgical Brazilian bottom Lift?

Similar to any other augmenting procedure there are certain adverse effects involved. But with Lipofirm Pro its more of an unpleasant feeling than a side effect. There is a possibility of reddening of the skin on the area treated after treatment, but this tends to subside within a few hours. Be sure to discuss the treatment with an experienced doctor.