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How to choose a photographer in South Wales for your big day

With all of your excitement, anticipation and joy that comes from planning your wedding, the day arrives and goes by faster than you’d ever imagined. While you’ll want to cherish each moment however, one thing is sure: you’ll want to be able to relive the day forever. The best way to draw value out of all you’ve done on your day of wedding is to turn these events real. Therefore, we’ve enlisted a few of our most adored pros for their advice for selecting the perfect wedding photographer the day.
Land on a budget

There are a variety of aspects to take into consideration when you are deciding on your number, and once you’ve got it, there are there are many ways to put it to services that you require the most.

“The first thing I’d suggest for setting your first budget is to go into research mode! Find a few wedding photographers in your region that have rates posted on their websites, just so you can get an idea of what costs and then set an achievable starting point. Other major factors to consider could be timeline and shot list expectations. For instance, I provide a sliding scale depending on the length of hours I will be required for the day. If you’re looking to save money, but photos of the preparations and getting ready aspect that takes place during the event are important to you, then perhaps you’ll consider cutting some time to capture the reception. The addition of a second wedding photographer South Wales will also contribute to the final quote. Make sure you are thinking about these kinds of choices and discuss with your partner about what is important to you each other!”

Find out your style

Discover what is not just appealing to you now, but will be appealing to generations to come. A look beyond the latest trends in photography can lead you to discover your true taste.

“Even for the couples who don’t have a lot of photography experience, I’d suggest making a collection of your favorite wedding pictures you’ve seen, and ask yourself why you like them — is it because of their editing, composition, their ability to convey emotion? You can then find a photographer who can do that job well and then show them your collection so that they are aligned.”

Look beyond portfolio highlights

A full gallery or two of weddings that a photographer has shot allows you to see an entire range of images of images, from family portraits to reception detail shots.

“Look for truth, honesty and emotional connection within the work of photographers. Take a look back at an event which was meaningful to your life. Those meaningful moments in our lives are composed of motion-pictures. A single image in our memories could be filled with emotions like joy, intimacy or anxiety, or the “indescribable” we often experience. If those moments that defined your life were captured by a photographer they show you staring at a camera, pondering what you could accomplish with your hands? These events aren’t planned. They’re not staged. They’re real. Honest. Raw. Not always perfect. They’re motion. Movement. They are all part of an MUCH bigger story. Just like your wedding day. What do you feel resonates in you? You can look for it. I’m sure you’ll recognize it when you see it.”

Consider the lighting at your locations

No matter if it’s a sunny, outside setup or low-lit indoors, taking note of the quantity, source and the timing of light at your location is vital to make appropriate arrangements with the photographer.

“Light is the one factor that can create or break a photo. A winter or fall wedding (where cloudy days are more frequent) is going to look distinct from a sunny summer wedding. The ceremony held in the afternoon (4 between 6 and 7 pm during the summer months) is a great option in terms of lighting than having a ceremony in the middle of the day. So my biggest advice to couples is to just ask questions about light when speaking with a photographer. A true professional should be able and confident in explaining various lighting scenarios and their effects as well as help a couple structure a wedding timeline so that they can get the best lighting for the day.”

Make use of the engagement photo session to test the engagement photo

A shoot that begins with a photographer allows you to meet one another in person, observe chemistry, and see their style in action.

“I like having one of these engagement sessions. I think of it as practicing. Most couples aren’t used to having their photo taken, so having a little session before the wedding gives you time to become accustomed to the process. It also helps me see the best way to help you to do the things you’re comfortable with and helps me feel as a friend on during the day of the wedding. Engagement sessions build confidence. When they receive their photos and realize that they’re beautiful and lovely and get a fantastic photo and are generally less nervous about the photographs the day of the wedding.”

Ask the unanswered questions

There are plenty of concerns to inquire about, but which ones will provide the most insightful answers? If you want to get a impression of your photographer, here’s a tip you shouldn’t miss.

“‘What is your method of wedding day photography?’ It’s crucial to know not just the photographer’s style and the method they shoot in order to capture those photos. They are like fly in the air or do they prefer to go right into making people look good and creating memorable moments during the event? Do they capture lots of candid shots, or do they give an abundance of direction? The experience you have with your photographer during your wedding day may be as crucial as the final pictures that you will receive. This question should lend some crucial information.”

Know the rights to the photos

The permissions and legal intricacies regarding wedding photography rights can be a bit hazy Therefore, any clarification you get prior to signing off will benefit both you and the photographer down the line.

“For my customers, I generally own all rights to the images, while giving the couple/family access to personal use. The files are high-quality which allows them to print and post on the internet to personal use for as long as they want however the only modification allowed is cropping. When using the images of a couple in a portfolio for business use It is best to confirm with the couple first. If you are considering any type of commercial usage or business usage with other vendors, it just is a matter of conversation, however I am typically very flexible. I consider permissions for photos on a case-by-case basis. And if you have specific requirements regarding images, you can let me know so we can work something out.”

Get the details for editing timeline and deliverables

After the final toast and grand exit The photographer’s work is far from finished. Knowing what’s to come in the post-production process can help balance all that excitement and anticipation to relive your most memorable day with photos.

“Our clients can be sure to receive the exact images they view on our website and nothing more. Our turnaround time in our contract is approximately 12 weeks for the delivery of their entire gallery of images, which includes roughly 1,000 images fully edited in black and white. While we typically deliver galleries in just six weeks However, there are photographers who take up to six months. Some couples receive instant downloads for hi-res images, and other tangible items and things to hold onto. Every package is unique Make sure you know the contents and timing you’re receiving it. “Up front.”

Check that you are in sync

You should look for a reliable organised, professional photographer. They will be with you.

“We are always helpful to arrange a video chat or meeting before making the booking. This gives couples a sense as to who we’re and vice versa. There’s been many occasions where we’ve spoken with an individual couple, and it wasn’t clear that we’d be the ideal personality or design for their day, and that’s 100% OK. You must find one you’re comfortable with, someone you admire, and who you believe in, as we are the people you trust with your most precious memories and moments. Working well with your photographer will mean you can just let them capture your day and create an experience that is not just in line with your wedding day, but to who they are in their work as an artist. It is just a win-win for all.”

So when it comes to selecting your wedding photographer, it’s all about picking someone who jives with your style of photography and as a human. When you have a genuine connection to your photographer they’ll do a better job of capturing your emotions, your love, your joy or your peace. A few years from now when you’re older, your photographs will be all you need to relive and reflect back to this time in your life that you experienced, and you’ll thank yourself often for investing in your photos.