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Men’s Clothing Know Your Size & What Suits Your Shape

Men generally hate purchasing clothes. They’re not wrong.

Although I love wearing a suit and getting dressed occasionally–or taking care of my clothes on a regular day, shopping for clothes isn’t on my top list of priorities.

This is the real reason shopping for clothes isn’t always a good idea for males:

The stores for clothing are specifically designed to cater to women.

If I can generalize for an moment…Women love the process of shopping. They take their time exploring all the options available, and then searching for the lowest price. It’s all about the satisfaction. It’s actually enjoyable for them.

If you think of the average clothes store, it’s thatit is a sea of sizes, colors and selections. The goal is to overwhelm. Because, apparently “chicks like this.”
Women Have Been Doing It all wrong

The issue is that women have got the whole shopping experience wrong. Perhaps the best way to put that men have followed the wrong path. We believed that we were not interested in shopping? But we really don’t like shopping in the way women shop.

They love the experience and the browsing experience, price-comparing, and the JOURNEY …(again (this is just a generalization, so don’t buy your panties in a swarm just yet.).

Men just would like to get to our point: to pick up new clothes.

As swiftly and silently as is possible, just like Navy Seals on a nighttime stealth mission.

However, all the times we’ve tried to “shop to buy clothes” how have we gotten there? It’s the same thing that our mothers (most likely) have taught us: visit the store, take a look at the items on display, and then see whether anything you see seems good…or worthy of buying.

What was the fun? Not fun at all.

Fantastic New Great News! The Right Way to Shop is actually a lot easier for guys.

Irony in ironies of all kinds? According to the majority of style experts, the best way of shopping is much better with the tastes of men.

Experts in fashion–not just women and men too, say you need to think about and plan your clothing shopping like a special force tactical strike. (Ok they don’t actually employ those exact words but …).

The last thing they would advise against is to walk into the store and “browse.”

The best method to shop is to be organized, disciplined, and focused on your strategy:
1. Think about the type of clothing your wardrobe needs to include

This could be the most difficult portion at first. However, you don’t have to worry about your “W-word.”

When you think about your wardrobe an important aspect to take into consideration is your life-style, your surroundings as well as your environment, job…What are the essential clothes are you required to have to feel and look great doing well…what you do in your day?

In general, when it comes to your wardrobe basics, you need to consider of versatility, so that the pieces are as interchangeable as is possible. To achieve this, you should consider choosing neutral colors like navy, black, gray and tan. You can also choose smaller, muted patterns.

If you’re looking for more specific guidelines on what you should add to the wardrobe of yours, websites such as Real Men Real Style, Dappered and the Effortless Gent as well as Style Girlfriend are great resources. I would recommend you read about Effortless Gent’s minimalist style to think about the structure of your wardrobe.

2. Write down exactly the items you’re looking for

Gents, this is the key — and the primary thing we often overlook.

The way Megan Collins from Style Girlfriend spoke to me during an interview heading to the mall looking for “new clothing for fall,” you should be shopping in search of 2 pair of khakis dress tops, a sweater in color that is neutral color…SPECIFIC items!

If you’ve completed item #1 above and you’re ready, this is a breeze to do: it’s basically a need-gap assessment. Imagine you need three pairs of khakis in your wardrobe. However, you already had one, which means you’re required 2 more and then on. Boom. Easy.
3. AGBTYL: Always refer back to your list

(ok the acronym will not be a medal winner, but it will …)

When you’re on a shopping spree, it’s easy to be lost in “field conditions” unexpected sales. Shopping fatigue that alters your judgment. Unplanned, wild ideas about colorful turtlenecks or unique patterns…You’ve to remain solid, dear. Remember why you’re here. Sticking to your list can be difficult, but maintaining discipline here will save you loads of wallet-ache and Crying-Game-shower-magnitude regret later.

It is even better to keep your list to a minimum and establish a time-limit. You could even play a game of Can you complete everything you have on your list within 45 minutes? …Without damaging innocent people while doing it? This is definitely worth trying. Get your list ready and set the stopwatch!
4. Only press the trigger only when you’re actually just

If you’ve completed your shopping experience to this point and you’ve managed to stay in the present congratulations! When you’ve located the item you’re looking for, make sure that it’s really worth the money. What are you able to judge?

When you first test the garment on, keep in mind that FIT is the king. I’ve written previously about this and also discussed the issue in a recent YouTube video on my experience wearing custom-made clothing.

Measurements are helpful in being aware of your measurements. If you’ve never been measured by a professional must do it. However, since measurements differ slightly among brands and brands, the way things are done during the room where you measure is crucial.

But, your knowledge of your body’s fit is likely to be more crucial. Many guys prefer to live their lives wearing clothes that are too tight. Don’t be one of them. When you test the product on, think: “Is there room for more than me?” If you can safely hide a pineapple, or six-pack of Rolling Rock in your dress shirt, then it’s probably too large. I’m just saying.’

Enjoy shopping in the store If you’re on the side of caution when you go to the store, there’s a good chance that you’ll be awed by it once you return at home. With clothing shopping, and almost every other aspect of life I’ve become a fan of using the “Hell is yes” test. If you’re trying to determine if you’re interested in something, if the answer isn’t an overwhelmingly “Hell definitely!” then drop it and move on. You’ll notice it eases your decision-making process greatly.
5. Take advantage of the ease and convenience of shopping online

Shopping online for men’s clothing is like hitting”the “easy button” to shop for men. I’m not saying that online shopping was created to be a male-centric experience. If you’re a man who has always resisted traditional clothing shopping but hasn’t tried shopping online a go and you’re in for an enjoyable surprise.

This is the best “un-shopping” method of shopping. There’s no visual clutter (you are often able to sort your purchases by size) There’s no smelly perfume counter to pass by and no other shoppers smacking your way, no salesmen pestering you…and it’s possible to sit in your chair of choice (sans pants in case you prefer) drinking your favorite drink the whole time!

It is still necessary to keep the same level of discipline we spoke about earlier: identify what you’re looking to purchase and keep a list of items to buy to ensure you don’t get lost…

However, to help online shopping be a success it is essential to be able to quickly become familiar with the process of placing an order and returning goods. It’s true that the biggest drawback to shopping online is that you cannot test the item before purchasing it. In fact, you might not even be aware of the actual color or material is like — let or even how it will fit until you take it out of the packaging at home. The good thing is that the majority of online stores have extremely flexible returns policies.

My adviceis to order products on the internet as well as PLAN to make a return of at minimum one item. This will allow you to get over the initial hurdle of understanding what you’ll need to pack to returns for retailers and also knowing the location of the closest UPS or FedEx drop off point is.

According to Brock of The Modest Man says, the trick is getting used to the “rhythm” of shopping on the internet and returning products that do not work. Once you’ve done this it, you can’t go back. ….
Clothes-Shopping Isn’t Half That Bad

See? It’s been a while since you were thinking that the shopping experience was going be painful or traumatic…

It turns out that shopping for clothes isn’t all that difficult in the end. It’s just a matter of relearning what you thought you know about shopping.