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The Body Shop Tea Tree Range

British cosmetics company, The Body Shop is well-known throughout the world and is present in more than 60 countries. The Body Shop Outlets are constantly present in a variety of malls and shopping centers. It’s quite a popular brand everywhere. Moreover, all of their products are dermatologically tested and completely safe to use as it doesn’t harm your skin.

Whether you’re seeking skincare, haircare, body care, or perfumes. The Body Shop’s whole product line is worthwhile. As this company will never let you down. Vitamin E, Tea Tree, and drops of light are some of the most famous ranges from this brand. All products included in this range are of premium quality and show visible results in just a few days.

The Body Shop tea tree range is specially designed to help you to prevent your skin from acne, pimples, and blemishes. It also helps to maintain clean, fresh, and hydrated skin, if these all products are used together. Here, we discussed some of the worth-using products, from the most famous Tea Tree Range of The Body Shop.

1. Clay Mask:

The Body Shop tea tree Clay Mask comes in a soft squeeze green tub. This small tub contains 110gms of product. The texture of the mask is clay based is aqua green in color. It has a soft, creamy texture with a smooth consistency. The clay mask smells like fresh mint. However, after application when the mask starts to dry the fragrance goes away.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Clay mask not only removes excess oil from your skin but it also helps in acne prevention. Even though it helps to absorb excess oil, but does not dry your skin. Moreover, it is enriched with natural ingredients like tamuna oil, kaolin oil, tea tree oil, and glycerin, which help to promote clearer and soothed skin.

How to Use: Apply a generous layer over the face after cleansing. Leave on for 5 – 10 minutes then rinse off with warm water.

2. Scrub:

The Body Shop tea tree Scrub comes in a transparent tube with a flip-open cap. The product itself has a green gel-like medium that contains tiny white and green balls. Unlike other tea tree products, it has a very mild tea tree scent.

The scrub is enriched with Community Trade Tea Tree Oil that gently rubs the skin’s surface to eliminate impurities and dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling soft, bright, and shiny. The more interesting fact about this face scrub is that it can be used as a face cleanser as well as a face wash too, as it forms a rich lather.

How to Use: Wet your face and use a circular, upward motion to gently massage the skin. Rinse with water. Use it every day or alternate in the week, with your Tea Tree Facial Wash or Foaming Cleanser.

3. Night Mask:

The Body Shop tea tree Night mask comes in a robust dark green glass container with a black cap on it. It has a bouncy and gel-like texture that feels moist on the skin. Just like the other products from the tea tree range, this mask has a fragrance of tea tree oil.

Tea tree is well renowned for its ability to treat acne, this sleeping mask also fights acne and improves the overall texture of the skin. Additionally, it reduces pore size. You can feel it working since it has the tingling coolness of a tea tree and feels light and reviving on your skin.

If you are facing pimple scars on your face for so long, and want to get rid of it. Then must use The Body Shop night mask as it subsides pimple marks in just a single use. Moreover, it doesn’t contain alcohol and other harmful ingredients, so it is suitable for every skin type.

How to Use: Apply a small coating of the mask to the face and let it penetrate overnight after cleansing and toning as usual. Must try to use either clean hands or the Facial Mask Brush for application. It is also suitable for skin imperfections on the neck and back.


The Body Shop is a popular beauty brand all over the world. Among other ranges, the tea tree is one of the most famous yet useful ranges that is worth every penny. Moreover, all products in this range give excellent results beyond your expectation if they use together.

If you are not fixated on being all-natural, buy their products, as they perform well. Although The body shop products are somehow expensive, the high prices are doing justice to its longevity. As the product lasts for almost a couple of months.