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What To Expect From Lip Fillers In Nottingham

Through the course of your existence, the shape of your face can change as you age. One of the most frequently affected areas to be affected are the lips. Loss of volume and vitality could be the result but age isn’t only the primary reason for a change in the shape of your lips.

It is possible that you were born with lips that are thin or always dreamed of having more fuller lips. Whatever the reason,

1. Non-invasive treatment

One of the major advantages of fillers for lips are that they do not need any surgery at all. A minimally invasive procedure, dermal filler injects directly into the lips or close to the mouth. This adds volume, fills the lips with volume and minimizes the effect of wrinkles around the mouth.

Additionally It’s a quick procedure and takes only 30 minutes, and you’ll be out and back to the clinic in no time at all.

2. Security is the main goal of the process

Another wonderful thing to know is that the lip filler treatment is completely safe, from the way the procedure is executed to the substance employed.

The most popular ingredient found in lip fillers is called hyaluronic acid it is a natural chemical within the body. Soft and clear, hyaluronic acid can be found in the skin, and its primary function is to ensure that the skin remains well-hydrated and full of volume.

When hyaluronic acids are injected in the lips and causing a plumping effect, the effect is produced to give the appearance of a natural, youthful appearance.

3. Fully Reversible

While lip fillers Nottingham are excellent, no matter how good they can be, there could occur a moment when you’d like to alter your appearance or perhaps a prior filler application was not according to plan. If that’s the case you’ll have peace of peace of mind knowing that lips fillers are reversible.

The lip filler is removed by application of an enzyme known as Hyaluronidase. It disintegrates hyaluronic acid. The process is simple and you can have a new filler added later on.

4. A versatile procedure

Lip fillers aren’t just used to increase the volume of the lips. It’s a product that is utilized in many ways:

Limit the effects of marionette lines
Give more definition to the bow of the cupid’s bow
Add volume to the philtrum the ridges (these is a line that extend across the lip from upper towards the nose)
Reduce the line of the perioral (these lines are vertically extending from the top lip)

5. Lasting outcomes

After receiving your filler injections for your lips you’ll begin to see the results right away and can be extended to 6 to 9 months. If you have multiple treatments, you’ll make sure that the effects last longer.

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