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What to know about photo booths

Up until recently when it was time to have a photo booth was simply an additional task for event planners or organizers to keep on the top of.

Thankfully, that’s not the scenario.

With advances in technological advancements, photo booths have become simpler than ever before to operate and manage for events of all sizes. Photo booths are fun for the participants, and produce more profits for event planners.

1. Begin by choosing the best photo booth for your event.

All photo booths are not made equal. Some are constructed piece-by-piece and require you to pick the camera, the software, and a plethora of other elements. For the majority of professionals who are busy, we recommend choosing a standalone solution instead of a DIY-built. The reasons are numerous. A professionally designed photo booth appears sleek, boasts high quality build and needs little or no involvement once it’s put up for the venue.

What are the things to look out for in photo booth hire?

The ease of use is a key factor when selecting the best photo booth for your event There are other aspects worth taking into consideration as well.

Ideally, photo booths for events must meet the following criteria:

be small and simple to carry from one place to the next
is stunning in an setting of an event and naturally inspires people to be involved with it.
It offers customization options, such as overlays, themes logos, themes, and chroma-keys.
social media sharing , so that users can share photos quickly on social media
Custom hashtags for events
ability to collect data from consumers like email address, phone number name, email address, or other fields for data that are custom-designed to collect data such as name, email, or phone
Advanced analytics and metrics are available.

In certain situations it is possible to require an image booth that has printing capabilities. We’ll list this as an option, but we strongly suggest buying an image booth that has this feature.

2. Location, location, location!

The location the photo booth for occasions is crucial. The photo booth should be accessible and easily seen. If the public doesn’t have access to the booth, they won’t be expected to utilize the booth.

Find out which area of the venue where the photo booth is likely to have the most visibility. Based on the type of event that you’re hosting it could be in the vicinity of an restrooms, the bar or open area as well as the entrance and exit as well as the stage or perhaps even a lounge area.

Once you’ve found the most visible locations within the venue, find an area in the vicinity to place the photo booth. It should be within a reasonable distance but not out of the way.

Try to put your booth 5-10 feet from the busy areas of the event. This is particularly important when it comes to exits or entrances as well as areas that have booths or tables. Booths for photos are a popular attraction and could be a focal point for crowds of people who are clamoring in their vicinity.

The booth should be kept in close proximity but not at the center of the action, will help reduce congestion in busy foot-traffic areas while enhancing participation in the booth.

If you have to set up your photo booth at a less ideal location, such as a corridor or hallway at the time of the event, you can make occasional announcements over the PA system inviting guests to stop by the booth.

3. Rejoice guests by using digital props for your photo booth

Props to create the photo booth is never more simple.

Props are an integral part of what makes photo booths so fun for the participants. But the prop tables are hard to maintain. The work involved in finding the ideal props, and then transporting them between activations for the photo booth really adds to.

It’s a constant battle, and, let’s face it organizers and event planners don’t have time for it.

We suggest limiting the variety of digital prop options to 3-4 options. Don’t overload people with choices. This slows down the entire procedure and may lead to an unending line of people waiting for this photo booth.

4. Create custom event photo booth themes with overlays, logos and overlays and much more.

The more people that interact in the photo booth during your party, the more chances you’ll have to increase your list of email marketing subscribers promote brand recognition and get your business’s name noticed.

Making your photo booth unique for your event is a surefire method to boost the number of participants. The more time and effort you put into customization, the greater advantages you’ll reap from your brand.