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What Wedding Singer Options Do I Have?

Live vocalists can give a wedding an exceptional sense of occasion. Professional wedding singers can play the First Dance song or the ceremony music, and they will surely enhance the mood and charm your guests.
There are many things you need to know if you’re looking for a wedding musician for your big day.

These are some common questions that brides have about hiring a singer for their wedding. But, remember that there are no hard and fast rules. Everything is up to you, including timings, logistics, musical styles, and preferences.
What is a wedding song?

Let’s start with the obvious. What is a wedding singer?

The term “wedding singer” can be used to cover any singer that performs at weddings. We’ll discuss the different options later. The most common categories include pianists and self-accompanied singer-guitarists.

Can a wedding singer sing?

For any aspect of your wedding, you can hire a singer. Many singers are flexible and accommodating. They can offer different packages to cover different aspects of the day.
Daytime Wedding Packages

The most sought-after package includes music for both the ceremony and after-dinner drinks reception. For example, it might be for 3 hours at the venue. It may include the following:

15-20 minutes guests arrival music.
Wedding Processional / Walking down the Aisle Song
Two songs are performed at the signing of the register
Wedding Recessional song (Wedding Exit).
1 x 60 minute set during afternoon drinks reception

Evening Wedding Packages

Another option is to hire a wedding singer for the morning or evening party. While many singers are able to accompany themselves on guitar or piano, backing tracks can be added to the mix to keep your guests entertained.

The majority of wedding singers Singapore will perform two sets of 60 minutes each in the evening. This is sufficient for most weddings. They might also offer playlists through their PA system that can take you up to midnight.

You may also want to consider DJ sets for your wedding if you are looking for something more interactive than a playlist.

What music are wedding singers able to perform?

A professional wedding singer will have a large repertoire to help you create the setlist that is right for you.

Wedding singers can come in many different forms. However, most will only be known for one or two key genres. Acoustic singers-guitarists will cover everything, from contemporary pop to classics, while jazz singers will stick to jazz standards.

These are some of our most loved types of wedding musicians:
Acoustic Singer-guitarists

A combination of intricate acoustic and vocal arrangements can create a relaxing atmosphere. The setlist includes everything you need, from jazz, folk, and soul to rock, indie, and current pop hits.

Pop artists included are Jack Johnson and Ed Sheeran, Eva Cassidy, Mumford & Sons as well as Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan.

Wedding singers with backing tracks

If a wedding band is too heavy for your needs, a solo vocalist with backing tracks can be the perfect choice to get your guests moving. These wedding singers will perform with quality backing tracks and create lively party sets for guests of all ages.

Opera Singers and Classical Singers

A professional Opera singer will make your grand entrance. This is great for wedding ceremonies or surprise performances during the wedding breakfast.

Rat Pack / Frank Sinatra / Jazz Singers

For the champagne reception, wedding breakfast and early evening entertainment, a jazz singer or Rat Pack is an ideal choice. Jazz crooners can set the scene by singing a selection of jazz standards taken from the Great American Songbook.

Acoustic Duos are vocals and guitarist players.

Acoustic duos typically include a guitarist and a singer, making them a flexible option for all your wedding entertainment.


Solo pianists can be accompanied by vocals for ceremonies, wedding breakfasts, and champagne receptions. A singer-pianist can perform any music, from contemporary to jazz, at almost any event.

Wedding Bands

A live band is the best way to celebrate your wedding in style if you have the money and space. There are many music styles that a professional wedding band can play to keep guests dancing all night.

Singing waiters for weddings

Surprise singing waiters are a great idea! Hidden singing waiters can be placed next to the waiting staff. They will surprise guests with their unexpected song and delight them.

How much does it cost to hire a wedding musician?

The cost of a wedding song depends on many factors. To ensure that you have plenty to choose from, we recommend starting with a budget between PS300-PS500.

Prices vary depending on the experience of each wedding singer and their availability. The overall quote can also be affected by travel costs, the time needed at the venue and the duration of the performance.


Once you know what you are looking for, let us look at logistics. The good news? Solo acts and duos have the flexibility to work with any venue requirements. These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when making your booking.
Do you allow live music at your wedding venue

Before you move on, check that the venue you are considering is licensed to allow live music and can host a singer. Although this is not an issue for most venues it can be an issue for some. However, make sure you read all the details before you book your act.
What is the space a wedding singer needs?

Solo acts and duos are great because they can be compact, making them extremely flexible when it is time to perform.

Depending on what type of act you booked, you might need to leave approximately 3×2 meters to give your wedding singer enough room to move freely. Most singer-guitarists, singers-pianists as well, duos, and evening performers will find this sufficient.

What time does it take for a wedding musician to set up?

While each act’s setup time is different, it is a good guideline that singers only take one hour to set-up.

Some singers may be able to set up in as little as 30 minutes with a smaller setup.
Can a wedding song be performed outside?

If the weather is nice, singers will happily perform outdoors. While each artist will have their own preferences, we recommend that you have a portable gazebo or something similar to protect your equipment from the elements.
What requirements must a wedding singer meet on the day of the ceremony?

All wedding singers are completely self-contained. This means that they will have all the technical equipment necessary. Below are some basics to keep in mind.

Placement that is suitable for unloading equipment
Parking spaces and parking costs covered
Power sockets located near the performance space
Suitable performance space

Consider these things before you hire a wedding musician

Now that you have the basics down, it is time for the fun part – the music. You can now choose your wedding songs, locate a suitable act, and begin making arrangements.
My wedding singer will learn the song request I have.

Absolutely! Most wedding singers will gladly sing any song you request, even if it isn’t in their repertoire. Depending on your booking time, this may be the bride’s entrance song or the first dance.

If your singer has been hired for the ceremony, there may be a few other songs that you want to include in the exit or signing of registers. It’s worth asking them if they can learn additional songs, even though most singers only learn one song per event. Although singers are happy to learn extra songs, they may need to charge a small fee to cover their rehearsals.

When can I book my wedding musician?

You don’t have to wait until you have confirmed your date or venue. Popular singers tend to fill up their diaries 12-18 months before the wedding, so the sooner you make your enquiries the better.

You may prefer to put off the big day until later, but you will find plenty of acts to choose from even if it’s only a few months away.