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Why Use A Cardiff Wedding Videographer?

If you are planning the wedding cost, you may be wondering if you require videographer. There is already a professional photographer then why would you pay an additional fee? Based on my experience with wedding videography, here are five reasons I’m certain are going to convince you why hiring a videographer can be worth the investment without regret. Relax, sip an ice cold drink, and take a look at my five main reasons why to reconsider your decision right now!

1. It may cost less than you think.

Your photographer has already been booked so I can understand why you find it difficult to justification hiring a videographer as well. You may be worried that a videographer might be more expensive that your photographer! However, the majority of photographer and videographer packages are usually similar (although the prices of packages can differ) So you’ll likely find that this isn’t the situation. It’s worth taking an eye on and speaking with local videographers about the types of packages and prices they provide, they may be pleasantly surprised!

2. You can listen to all kinds of things

I will be your videographer. I’ll film everything from vows to speeches. Don’t forget all the important moments and messages in between. They will be recorded in a way that photographers cannot let you listen to the same moments over and over! Speeches in particular are a lot of moments to record and replay which means you will be able to appreciate the event differently following the wedding – particularly because the speeches can fly through! Watching your friends laugh and laughing or your Uncle Ken singing is truly unique and wonderful to watch at the anniversary of a special event.

3. A moment to remember your children.

If you already have children, or are planning to have a baby in the near future wedding videos are an amazing option to share with your children. Your kids will be thrilled to watch the day of your wedding when they get older, while laughing at your hairstyle and the music you chose! It is possible to treat your wedding film as an heirloom that you can pass onto your children and beyond. Video’s can capture individuals in ways that photographs simply can’t. It lets future generations see you having fun!

4. It’s shareable!

There are always those you wish you could bring to your wedding, but aren’t able to, or they are on the other side of the planet or are ill on the day of the wedding. If you have a wedding video that you can share with everyone, they will feel like they were in the wedding. Plus, they’ll enjoy a front row seat in the celebration, along with the guests. However in the event that you decide to get married, or opt for a more intimate wedding that way, everyone will get to witness your wedding even if you didn’t invite guests!

5. Capture all the unnoticed moments

When you’ve been planning for your wedding over months, or even years the day of your wedding will be a blur! Between greeting your guests and family members, and later having a catch-up with everyone, there are going to be some moments or jokes you’re not able to catch on. When you hire a videographer, you can capture these intimate moments with your family and friends, particularly since I try to record your wedding day as discretely as I can . This makes you feel more connected in the aftermath of your wedding. If you’re watching your wedding from the back, I’d like to make sure that you revisit the joy all over and again in a mini-movie rather than a simple clip show!

If you’re still contemplating hiring a wedding videographer Cardiff (and how do you go about hiring one?) Then please contact me regarding your wedding plans. I am committed to making your wedding film as natural a manner that is possible. If you’re seeking a wedding video that conveys the feelings of your wedding day Let’s discuss what I can do to be the ideal choice for you!