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A Guide To Fire Exit Signs

These signs can be one type of Fire Safety Sign, designed to help educate the public visually and give advice on the subject of Fire Safety in a building.

If you are in an office inside or in a public space, you’ve probably seen the signs previously, perhaps not paying them much attention. They’re usually located near stairs, along hallways, and close to exit doors.

To grasp the significance of the fire exit sign, imagine yourself in a place that is burning! There might an alarm for fire sounding or you can feel smoke coming from the building, and perhaps the automatic door to fire retention device shuts those doors… You could immediately feel trapped, with fear creeping in. You then see an Fire Exit Sign with an Arrow that directs you to an exit route that is safe. A simple, straightforward (often self-adhesive or made of plastic) sign with clear instructions on for exiting the building swiftly.

Do I need Fire Exit Signs

If your commercial or business premises aren’t large, you might not require fire Exit signs. They aren’t required by law when it is clear how to get out of the building, such as the small warehouse or lockup that has only one entrance.
If your requirements are more complicated, the Fire Exit signs become essential to include. The number you need will depend on the structure of the building , such as multiple floors, access routes and the number of exits.
The idea is how simple is it for the occupants (especially visitors or people who are not familiar with the arrangement) to to navigate their way from a building, particularly if it’s burning.

Fire Exit Sign Types

The Fire Exit signs are printed signposts generally made of

Rigid Plastic
Self-adhesive vinyl sticker
Glow in the Dark (photoluminscent) Plastic
Brushed Aluminum

The available designs are in a variety of sizes and formats and directional arrows in a variety of symbols.

Fire Exit Signs – typically the last exit point
Fire Exit Clear – Keep exit free of obstructions
Left Arrow of Fire Exit – a signal to head left
Right Arrow of Fire Exit – an indication to turn right
Fire Exit Arrow Up an indication to continue on the current route
The Fire Exit Arrow Down – Continue and eventually stairs leading down will be in view
A Fire Exit Arrow with a Diagonal Left an indication that you should go left and then up
Fire Exit Arrow Diagonal Up Right indicates to head left and then up
The Fire Exit Arrow is a diagonal down left an indication that you should go left and go down
A Fire Exit Arrow with a Diagonal Direction Down Right a signal to turn right and go down

What Size?

Common sizes for fire exit signs are: 300mm x 100mm 400mm x 150mm 600mm 200mm. The following guide will lead you to the appropriate sign sizes to be used for your particular room space:

Rooms with a shorter area of 14m or less 300mm x 100mm fire exit signs
For rooms that are of between 14m to 22m the following sizes are available: 400mm x150mm fire exit signs
Rooms with a distance beyond 31m: 600mm x 200mm fire exit signs
If the distance of view exceeds 47m, you’ll need larger emergency exit signage. They are typically 900mm x 300mm

What’s the difference? Up or down?

Up signs signal that it is time to follow the route currently in use Similar to the one-way signs along the road.

Down Signs indicate that there will be steps going down in the vicinity in the route to exit.


Fire exit lights that are photoluminescent (often known as Glow in the Dark signs) are great in dim light situationsor in cases where emergency lighting isn’t installed within the structure. They are charged in dark conditions and then serve as the illumination needed for a period of time following. They’re a great solution for viewing in low light or in smoke-filled environments

The Fire Exit signs are a crucial safety measure and could be lifesaving in the case of an emergency fire.