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Hot Tub Costs By Size

Hot tubs are among the most relaxing ways to relax after a long and tiring day. They offer numerous health benefits, such as relaxation, pain relief, and better sleep. It’s similar to having your own private spa.

The cost of a hot tub varies widely and range from around £2,000 to more than £16,000. Prices ultimately depend on the size and style and the accessories you select. Find the ideal hot tub by comparing the various models of materials, features and materials to find out which ones are most effectively for your needs and budget.

What is the Hot Tub?

The term “hot tub” refers to one large enough to accommodate at least two persons and is filled with hot water. In contrast to standard bathtubs hot tubs are built for use by several users at the same time. They are great to help relax, or for hydrotherapy or even for enjoyment.

Hot tubs are comprised of an outer cabinet that keeps the shell securely. This is known as the shell. It’s the main component that makes up the tub and houses the water. The hot tubs also have pumps that circulate the water into to and out of tubs, as well as jets that massage sore muscles , and filters to ensure that the water is clean.

Since 6 person hot tubs are large and are known to splash water around, the majority of hot tub owners set them outside on their patio or deck. They can be in-ground or above ground tubs, with above-ground being the cheapest alternative. Remember that hot tubs require routine maintenance, which is why accessibility is essential.

Hot Tub Shell Materials

The hot tub shells are generally made of acrylic, vinyl or Rotomolded plastic. The kind of shell you pick will impact the cost of the product and you should select the most appropriate one that fits your budget.


Hot tub shells constructed from acrylic are thought to be among the most durable ones on the market. They are made by heating just one sheet from acrylic till it begins to melt, then placing it on top of a mold. Vacuums draw out air that is stuck between the mold and sheet of acrylic to give an even, seamless surface.

Acrylic hot tubs weigh a lot that means you cannot quickly move them. It’s a big commitment to install one however their strength and ability to retain temperature make the perfect choice. The acrylic hot tub shells are more costly than plastic and rotomolded vinyl shells. They cost between £4,000 and £16,000 in the an average.


Vinyl liners are popular in hot tubs connected to in-ground pools. Manufacturers create hot tub liner made of vinyl by putting the vinyl on an aluminum frame or other durable material that gives the liner a shape.

Vinyl liners are expensive to manufacture. They cost anywhere from £4,000 to about £12,000. While they’re cheaper as acrylic tubs vinyl hot tubs have couple of drawbacks. They’re not able to retain heat properly and cause the motor inside the hot tub to work harder , which can cause your electric bill to increase. Vinyl is not as durable as other shells for hot tubs.

Plastic Rotomolded

Made of polyethylene, rotomolded hot tub moulds are light and can be carried around. They’re made of powdered plastic which is then placed in a mold, then melting. They usually range in prices ranging from £2,500 to £6,000.

Hot tubs with rotomolded molds from plastic may be superior than vinyl tubs when it comes to efficiency, but they don’t have the capacity to hold heat. However, rotomolded plastic tubs are an excellent alternative if acrylic isn’t within your price range.

Cost of a Hot Tub based on Size

The larger the hot tub is, the more it will cost. The size of hot tubs is determined by occupancy. The models range from a basic two-person bath to a larger tub that can accommodate 10 people. Take into consideration what size your family is when you decide what size hot tub you want to purchase.
Hot Tub Costs based on Type


Above-ground hot tubs are priced between £2,000 to £12,000, which includes installation. These are the most commonly used types of hot tubs since they typically cost less installation labor since they do not require excavation.

Hot tubs above ground can be accessed that means they’re simple to maintain. If you’re disabled, however problems the process of getting in and out might be a challenge.


In-ground hot tubs are more costly than above-ground ones due to the fact that they require professionals to install them. The labor involved could include excavation and electrical installation, gas hookups, as well as plumbing.

Although they’re expensive, they’re simple to access and get out of and look amazing when built into decks or patio. They can also increase the value of your property.

Hot Tub Installation Costs

If you buy an above-ground hot tub that is prefabricated the installation cost will be low. You’ll probably have to shell out anywhere between £200 and £400 for transportation and delivery. You can complete the large portion of the set-up by yourself, however an expert will set the hot tub up at an additional £200 up to £800.

It’s possible that you’ll need to lay the foundation of your hot tub, if you do not have a deck or patio to put it on. Foundations can cost upwards of £2000 in material and labor.

Custom hot tubs cost more than prefabricated ones, however the customization option can help make your hot tub match your space and personal preferences to perfection. Custom-designed above-ground and in-ground hot tubs can be more challenging to install because they must be sized to fit the space you have created perfectly. Expect to spend between £1,000 to £2,000 for an installation of a hot tub that is custom. Customized hot tubs that are installed in the ground could cost more than £2 000.

DIYing the installation of your hot tub could save you hundreds perhaps thousands, of dollars. However, it is best to only do this if you’re skilled. The installation of a hot tub by yourself typically involves plumbing and electrical installation, which can be hazardous and costly to fix when you make errors. Doing it yourself can end the warranty of the appliance.

Costs of maintaining a Hot Tub

The maintenance of your hot tub involves monitoring the chemical levels of your water, cleaning the filters and cleaning the interior and outside. Make sure to check the chemical levels of your water every week at least or more often if you are using the tub daily. Clean the filter once every two or three weeks, and completely clean the interior of your hot tub each two months. Between the cleanings of the interior, you can make use of a skimmer to get rid of the dirt and debris that make its way into the tub.

Cleaning your tub on your own means you don’t have to pay for laborcosts, only the supplies. Cleaning supplies will cost approximately £20 monthly. The pool companies provide expert hot tub maintenance that can are priced between £50 and £200 monthly, based on the work that needs to be accomplished.

A well-maintained hot tub will last for up to 25 years.

Hot Tub Extras

You can enhance the pleasure you can get from your spa by making it more personalized. Not only can you alter the layout and seating in the tub however, you can also add additional accessories to make the relaxing experience more enjoyable.

How To Select The Best Hot Tub for You

The first step is to assess the area in which you’ll install your spa. If you don’t have a base for it, you should factor it into the price. Take into consideration how often you’ll be using the hot tub, and the number of people you’ll need it to hold if you have a large family or love entertaining guests, you should consider purchasing a big hot tub.

These elements will enable you to establish an amount that you can use for the hot tub. You then can decide on the material you want to use and think about including accessories. Be sure to consider the monthly (or an annual) maintenance costs as well. The best hot tub you choose includes all the elements and accessories to will meet your requirements and stay within the budget you have set.