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Shutters: The Pros and Cons

Shutters, often referred to as “plantation shutters” are among our top choices as well as one of the most popular window treatments we sell. But the fact that we are awed by shutters, it doesn’t mean that they’re ideal for all. We will go over the advantages and disadvantages so you can determine if they are suitable for your home and family.

Let’s begin at the bottom with cons

Price point higher

The main issue that often discourages customers from opting for shutters Cardiff is their price. While shutters may not be the most expensive choice for window blinds (some shades may cost as much, and even more) shutters typically cost four times more expensive than blinds in the same window size. They are certainly an investment. When money is a problem We have a lot of clients who opt to install shutters for their windows on the front (the windows that face towards the road).

There is no hidden

There are many clients who enjoy the opportunity to enjoy a wide view towards the outside during the daytime, allowing lots of sunlight to come into their home. They just want to cover their windows at night to provide the privacy they desire. If you’re seeking an option for window coverings that is completely hidden from view, shutters likely not the best choice suitable for you. Although shutters can be opened and sit against the side of windows They are always visible, unlike the shade that is concealed and raised inside a valance or cassette.

It can be tricky for windows that tilt.

If you have windows that tilt in shutters could hinder their function. Technically, shutters will still function when tilted windows are present, however they must be hung at the outside of your window opening. Many prefer the appearance in an inside mount or semi-inside as opposed to an outside mount (some prefer outside mount to be bulkier) but it is not the sole option you have for tilt-in windows, if you decide to retain the feature.

Furniture placement may hinder functionality

If you intend to place furniture pieces against windows, shutters might not be the right choice for you. To open shutters requires at the very least the width that the shutter panel is visible from the front. When consulting with customers We always make sure to mention furniture layout for shutters when they are required.

Lead times

If you’re in a hurry to shutter your windows It’s important to remember that shutters come with the longest duration of any other window covering. Although other options like blinds and shades require about 2 months to be delivered, shutters could be up to 6-8 weeks! They can be thought of as furniture of the highest quality, designed specifically for windows. It is a long process! We will always inform our clients who are planning to build or move to a new residence with no window treatments in the event that they would like to get shutters, they must to be purchased well in advance of the time of the move. It’s better to be prepared when faced with these circumstances, but the good news is that the temp shades were designed to provide a temporary solution when our customers need something to cover their windows while they waiting.

Let’s not get bogged down! Let’s look at the positives:


Enhance the value of your house

Shutters are the sole window covering that will improve the value of your house. Even if you’re not planning to move anytime in the near future, it’s something you should consider. A small investment today could yield a greater gain when the time comes to sell your house. Additionally, you can take advantage of their aesthetics and functionality until it’s time to sell.

Quality of the aesthetic

Everyone has their own personal taste most people (especially those living from the South) are in love with the appearance of shutters. They’re timeless and will never get old-fashioned. Because they can’t be bought from the market like other window blinds They give you a completely individual appearance. No matter what style you prefer, classic, transitional, or contemporary, there’s an appropriate shutter design to complement. In addition, shutters offer incredible visual appeal, which means that they appear stunning on the street.


If you buy quality shutters for your home, you’re making an investment that will last for decades. There aren’t any cords or strings that could get caught in knots and no fabric that can stain or get caught. Shutters are durable and are sure to last for a long time if properly maintained. Shutters usually have twice the lifespan of other window treatments and are an obvious choice to invest in them!

Easy to wash

If you’re like many and are looking for low-maintenance appliances, then shutters could be perfect for you! They are extremely simple to clean and maintain. All you require is a swiffer and a duster, and you’re good to go! If you happen to spill something or get it splattered on your shutter , it can be cleaned up with an ointment or a damp cloth.


When shutters are concerned there are a lot of designs available. From the size of the louver as well as hinging, color, tilt-rod color, number of panels, frame and so on The options are endless. Shutters are also ideal for oddly shaped or large windows and doors. There isn’t an opening that a shutter could not be used to cover. Windows with arched or raked windows, ovals, circles half round windows quarter-round windows tracks for patio doors French doors, and patio doors… it’s all possible.