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The Reasons To Buy Antique

If you’ve never bought antique furniture you may be wondering why you should start when you could simply go to a contemporary furniture shop and leave with a brand new piece of furniture.

The process of purchasing antiques might be different, thanks to the possibility to purchase through auctions or dealers as well as private collectors There are many reasons to consider buying antique furniture instead of brand new pieces.

Here are five good reasons you should look into purchasing antique furniture instead of buying new furniture.

Reduces Landfill Waste

The majority of brand new furniture isn’t designed to last for more than a few years, and that’s why it’s sold at such a low cost. Furniture made from solid wood is worthless once it’s removed from the floor of the shop This could mean it’s not worth the effort for the owner to trade the furniture once it’s no more needed.

These two scenarios suggest that a lot of the latest furniture is to be discarded when it’s no longer required or is damaged.

Contrary to this, furniture from the past tends to remain or appreciate in value for long periods of time, so there’s always a demand for it. The furniture of the past was constructed by seasoned lumber using techniques that ensure that damage is usually minimal which means there is no need to replace the pieces.

Furniture from the past can be used for centuries, and it being passed down through family members or sold off to those who will cherish it. When compared to the 15-year average duration of contemporary furniture, it’s a big difference to the waste.

Lower carbon emissions

Although many furniture manufacturers are adopting greener ways of doing business to boost environmental sustainability and lower emissions, furniture made in mass production is bound to create a greater carbon footprint. With the massive harvesting of wood in the process of making furniture, and the transport of furniture – usually from overseas Modern furniture is likely to cause a higher amount of carbon emissions than furniture from the past.

This is because the antique pieces were made from scratch, using materials that were picked up with no large machines. The most waste could also have been used to create furniture or other reasons.

An Carbon Clear study in 2010 found an enormous difference in the amount of carbon emissions when purchasing antique furniture instead of brand new. The study suggested that the carbon emissions when purchasing a contemporary chest of drawers can be up to 16 times greater than buying old drawers.

Keeps History

Antique furniture can reveal many things about the time that it was created. It’s also often constructed using methods that aren’t in use today, making it essential in understanding the history of our time.

Each piece of furniture has an interesting tale to tell, and that’s true both when it comes to the person who designed it and the person who owned it. If it’s a piece of furniture that was passed down through various generations of the family, and thus has a personal story attached to it, or has been owned by a variety of individuals who were not connected over time and the history of the piece is vital.

By choosing antique furniture, you are able to be a part of the time and are able to preserve the past that future generations will benefit from.

Supports small and Local Small and Local

When you buy antique furniture, it usually means that you’re supporting local or small-scale businesses. When you purchase furniture at an antique store or go to an auction, the majority of sellers aren’t big chains. This means that you help to sustain them and ensure they remain in business, all the while enjoying beautiful furniture.

This can also help reduce carbon emissions, since you can buy antiques already within your area and reduce travel expenses.

Extra Character

It’s not difficult to see that antique furniture is distinctive and character, something contemporary furniture lacks. Designs have been meticulously and skillfully crafted to ensure the furniture you purchase is distinct. Any minor damage that has occurred over the years contributes to the appeal of furniture from the past and tells the story.

Just one piece of furniture that is antique can add a touch of humour to an area and create an interesting conversation point which is why it’s worth the money.