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What is the most secure lock for a front door?

Most burglars enter a home through its front or back door. A secure door is crucial. There are many options for doors and locksmiths often ask me which one I would recommend. This question is difficult to answer because it’s not the door that matters. Common types of back (or front) doors

Wood is strong and durable material for front doors. However, it needs to be maintained regularly. Wooden doors are more costly, but can have additional locks added for security and convenience. A nightlatch, rim lock

UPVC doors have a lot of popularity due to their low maintenance and affordability. They are also very stylish and thermally efficient. However, these doors cannot be fitted with additional locks.

Composite doors are made of a variety of materials, which can then be glued together to form a single unit. Composite doors are economical and fall somewhere between wood or uPVC. A high-quality composite door will be strong, durable, and easy to maintain.
For a front door, the most secure lock
Wooden Doors

The mortice deadlock with 5 levers is the best type of lock for timber doors. It must also conform to BS3621. This can be verified by looking at the lock when it is opened. The lock face should have BS3621.
UPVC Doors

UPVC doors are equipped with a multipoint locking mechanism that connects to a euro cylinder lock. Although the multipoint locking system is very strong, many older uPVC door models have cylinder locks that can easily be snapped. This technique is known as “lock snapping”, and it is still responsible for many break ins. This problem has been fixed by the development of anti-snap eurocylinder locks. These locks can be fitted to new uPVC doors or retrofitted onto older uPVC ones, making them very secure.
Composite Doors

Composite doors are very similar to uPVC and can be secured using a multipoint locking system or an anti-snap Euro cylinder.
Security upgrades for your front door

To increase your security, you can add these features to your back or front door.

Door chain
Door alarm – A beep when the door is closed or opened
A letterbox cage is used to protect your home from burglary. You can fish for your car keys or house keys via the letterbox

Get in touch with an emergency locksmith if your front door requires a more secure lock.