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What to know when looking to hire a man with van in London

A man and his van can help you save money when moving your home. These are key questions to ask.
It is possible to believe that hiring a man and a truck to move your stuff to your new house will be the most economical option.

It is vital to understand all the details of the service that a man driving a van will provide. This person will move all your items. It is important to have confidence that your items will arrive safely and that you won’t be surprised by hidden charges.

Before you hire a man and a van to help you move home, we have compiled the following questions.

Quote on House Moving

Is it a fixed rate? Ask your man with the van if it is a fixed quote and won’t change when you are ready to pay for your house. Check for any additional charges, such as fuel costs and waiting times.

How much will it cost me? Determine whether you will be charged an hourly, daily or weekly fee for your move. You need to find out if you will be charged an hourly rate for your move. This is because delays can affect the cost of moving your stuff. There are many reasons for delays, such as traffic problems and waiting for keys to your new property.
Can they see the items that I need to be moved? A pre-move survey is crucial to ensure a successful day. Pre-move surveys allow you to let the man with van London know the amount of goods that you will be transporting to your new house. You can also flag up any equipment that is not standard. pianos).


Will the appropriate vehicle be used? If your man with the van conducts a premove survey to determine what items need to be moved, you’ll feel more confident that your movers will arrive with a suitable vehicle. If your vehicle is overweight, it may be pulled over by VOSA and subsequently impounded. You will also need to ensure that your van is in good condition.

Will it be possible to move more than one house? This will depend on how big the vehicle is. You may be able to make multiple trips if you’re moving locally. However, make sure the quote takes this into account. It won’t make sense to move long distances. Be sure you understand the logistics.

Moving team

How many people will help me with my move? One man and his van may not be sufficient to transport the whole contents of large houses.

The uniforms of the moving team will be worn. Because they will be handling your items, it is important that you feel at ease.

Do I have to help lift? The loading and unloading of the van may be necessary if there is only one man in your man with van team. Ask your movers if you will have to help load and unload the van. This may allow you to make plans ahead.

Equipment and Other Services

Will protective covers be used for your items? Professional removal companies will use specialist equipment in order to ensure that your items remain safe and sound during the move. You can find out what your man-with-a-van has and whether these will be used in your house move.

Will you be provided with packing boxes? It is important to be aware of this beforehand to allow for time to either collect your boxes or to purchase them if needed.

You will need to organise parking permits. If you live in or plan to move to an area where parking restrictions apply, you will need to organize parking permits. There are many removal companies that can arrange this, so make sure to ask your man with a van if they will assist you.

Information for companies

Do you have insurance? It’s important that you know what level of removals coverage your man with van needs to cover your home move. You can get home insurance that covers accidental damage or loss, but only if you use a professional moving company.

Are there customer reviews? The experience of other homeowners with the man with the van you are considering will help you make a decision about which company to hire and whether your house move will be successful.