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Why Choose A Freestanding Fireplace?

Fireplaces are sought-after by buyers of homes and homeowners too.

They’re both functional and attractive and bring class, warmth energy, and real warmth into your home.

It’s expensive to install a fireplace in the event that your home already has one already.

However, there’s an option that is cheaper for freestanding fireplaces.

Freestanding fireplaces can provide the cozy and warmth of fireplaces without the hassle or expense of putting one on your wall.

Is a freestanding fireplace the ideal option for you?

This article will will discuss all the factors you need to consider in making your choice.

Why choose a Freestanding Fireplace?

A standalone, or freestanding fireplace is just like. It’s freestanding, which means it doesn’t have to be built into a structure like traditional fireplaces are.

This might be appealing to homeowners who require an fireplace, but don’t have the funds to build an in-home fireplace.

If you’re looking for an indoor fireplace and you are thinking of an open-air fireplace, think about the features you would like out of your fireplace.

Do you need something that will to warm your home? Or would you like something to increase value?

It is true that building a fireplace into your home can be a costly project. Yet, you may make a profit on your investment should you decide to sell your house.

If having a fireplace something you’d like to enjoy However, a less expensive freestanding fireplace could be the better choice.


While installing a fireplace that is freestanding is less difficult than installing an in-built fireplace, there is some setup required based on the model you select.

If your fireplace or stove must be vented then you must install a chimney pipe. However, there are ventless or even electrical models that don’t require chimneys.

There are other options in regards to your fireplace’s location if opt for a freestanding model. You can increase the heat output of your fireplace by placing it in a central location where the heat radiates across all directions.

If you’re thinking of the installation of a fireplace in your home but don’t wish to embark on a major renovation project then a freestanding model will be the ideal choice for your requirements.


There are three main choices in freestanding fireplaces: gas, wood and electricity.

Of these, some require venting, while others don’t.

Fireplaces made of wood require venting, so be sure to consider the cost of installing a chimney pipe when you decide to purchase wood stove.

Ventilation is often required for a gas freestanding fireplace. If you do not want to deal with the hassle of installing a pipe it is possible to consider ventless gas fireplaces which doesn’t require venting out to the outside.

There’s some controversy over the safety of ventless gas fireplaces are actually therefore, make sure you study the subject thoroughly and figure out the best way to use the fireplace so that you don’t end up creating risks to your health.

For either type of gas fireplace, you’ll have to connect it with a gas line therefore, you must be aware of the costs of setting up a gas line or adding a new line in your total expenses.

The most low-maintenance and most affordable option is a freestanding electric fireplace, which generates warmth using electricity, not burning.

These units require little upkeep and are extremely easy to put in.

In reality the fact is that freestanding electric fireplaces are unable to offer the same warmth as other fireplaces.

If you’re looking for an ultra-modern, trendy model, they are costly.


There’s absolutely no difference between a freestanding fireplace as well as a traditional fireplace when it comes to the aesthetic value they add to your home.

If you’re firmly committed to the classic fireplace style or are hoping to increase the value of your home, you should definitely pay the price for an in-built fireplace.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stunning freestanding fireplace that will heat your home and add beauty to your interior.


If you are looking for the classic fireplace with wood burning but don’t want to pay for the cost for installation and maintenance of a fireplace built-in There are a variety of models that replicate the classic stone fireplace look at a fraction of cost of purchase.


Are you running out of storage space?

A lot of freestanding fireplaces are now equipped with shelves or cabinets that are attached that make them space-efficient.

This is an excellent place to keep all the books you love to read while reclining in front of the fireplace.


A gorgeous wood fireplace could provide a touch of luxury to any room. It is the easiest way to achieve this style with an unventilated gas fireplace.

Old School

It doesn’t matter if you love the classic look or are looking for an uncomplicated method of heating your home, a wood-burning stove can provide ample heat, and will keep warm during the winter months when it’s cold outside.

They can be useful for those who live in an area that regularly has power outages, since they aren’t dependent on electricity for operation.

Is it worth it?

The decision of whether it is worth the cost of a fireplace, it all depends on what meets your requirements and your budget.

Although they may be cheaper, it’s important to evaluate all the options considering that some of the best freestanding fireplaces can be substantial expense.

You could get a great bargain for your money when selecting a fireplace that is built-in considering the value it can bring to your house.

It is also important to think about what you would like from your fireplace.

If you’re looking for something capable of providing warmth in the event of a power outage then a wood stove may be the perfect choice.

However it is if you want the classic look of relaxing by an impressive stone fireplace and you have the money to make it happen then you may want to consider incorporating a fireplace inside your house.

In the end, there isn’t a right solution to the question. It’s about finding what works most effectively for you.