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Why Should I Have A Property Valuation?

We believe that property valuations are vital and there are many reasons to have your home appraised. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future or not, it is likely that the value of your home beneficial. We’re more than willing to walk on the task and if you’re asking why I should get an appraisal for my property and we will help you find the answer you’ve been looking for.

Three of the most common reasons for having your property appraised include:

1. You’d like to insure your home

2. You’re refinancing your home

3. You’re planning on selling your house

You might be wondering how much is my house worth Barry, or perhaps you’ve been told about the value of your neighbours and want to know the value of your home. Whatever reasons you are considering taking a look at your home’s value we will make sure you get the best assistance and guidance in this subject.

There’s a lot to gain from getting three appraisals of your home, in order to give you a true worth of what it’s worth. This is particularly true when you’re trying to sell your property, and estate agents are seeking instructions. In certain instances estate agents will inflate the value of property with the intention that they will get the request.

This strategy is effective for certain agents in the short term however in the long run it can be a source of frustration for sellers and could lead to the agent losing clients.

You’re looking to insure your home

To ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage in your house, you need to have an accurate appraisal to be able to claim insurance. If you inform your insurance company of a price that is not appropriate for your house there is a chance of not receiving adequate coverage. If you have informed the insurance company of the amount you think is too high for your home you could end up paying more insurance. So, to ensure security regarding cost and coverage make sure you get an accurate estimate of your home.

You’re refinancing your home

If you’re planning to remortgage your house to get an improved rate or to refinance your mortgage, you must to be able to make an informed choice. If you have an up-to date appraisal of your home it is possible to present the information presented by themselves. It is best to present as precise and accurate information as feasible, and you’ll most likely get the financial backing which allows you to proceed.

You are planning to sell your house

A clear value is vital when selling your house. If you put your house on the market at a low price, you could attract lots of interest, however, if you sell it at this amount, you’ll lose cash. It is also possible that smart buyers are hesitant to buy your house due to the cost. If your home is worth too much it is possible that prospective buyers show little or no enthusiasm for the property.

If you’re planning to sell your house in the current market conditions it is recommended to determine the value of your home.