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What Makes Padel Tennis So Popular?

Padel tennis can be described as a form of sport that isn’t prone to problems and is played by increasing numbers of players and players, both in Italy and around the world.

It’s a racket game that, according to the rules, always has two teams of players competing against one another regardless of whether single courts for padel are becoming extremely well-known.

It was Mexican businessman Enrique Corcuera who invented padel tennis in the year 1962, as a game to be played on his own privately-owned tennis court. Corcuera modified a 20x 10 meter court on his property and put up walls in the sides and back so that vegetation could not overrun the court.
The possibility that the ball could fly off of the backwall of the court without disrupting the play was the catalyst for the change in the more conventional tennis.

In the world, Padel first made its presence felt in the 90s and, since then, it has not experienced a decline in its popularity.

In Italy as per the latest data collected by Mr. Padel Paddle the sport of the padel tennis game is growing at a incredible speed. The courts that provide the opportunity of playing padel tennis have grown by 125%, and there are 4669 courts across the country. Data gathered for 2021 by Playtomic which is an app to book courts for padel, shows that online bookings for courts in Italy have grown from 35,000 to 1.5 million within three years.

If you’re in this piece, then you may be contemplating the idea of getting started playing Padel and considering whether his popularity is justifiable. In short, that yes, beginning to play Padel is a good idea for those who enjoy teams that can move your whole body and ease stress.

For a more thorough answer but, please read on the following article: we will discuss the top 10 benefits from playing padel tennis.

Padel tennis is a great sport to play: the top 10 benefits of the sport

There are a variety of reasons Padel tennis is quickly becoming among the top loved sports around the globe. Think about it this way: for instance, padel is currently the second most played sport in Spain just behind football!

Let’s take a look at the top 10 benefits to playing padel tennis.

1. This is appropriate for everyone of all ages.

Whatever age your age, the padel is able to be played by anyone of any age since it can be adapted to the rhythms of its players.

You decide on the level and intensity of the game , and you’ll be able to finding players at the same level to play with.

2. Helps relieve stress

If you’re looking for an activity that will help you forget the stresses of life and reduce tension, padel tennis may be a great solution. This is a sport which requires focus and concentration on the movement of the ball. As a result, when you play, you’ll be unable to think about other things. Additionally, the design in the structure of the Padel Court as well as the game played inside four walls enhances the sense that you are in a safe zone where the only thing important to you is playing. It is a real remedy for mind!

3. Enhance coordination and Reflexes

Like tennis, padel too is an activity where good agility and speed of reaction are essential. Do not worry if these qualities don’t seem to be (yet) your strength: every time you play, you’ll see an impressive improvement in your coordination movements and reactions.

4. The weather isn’t a problem

Padel tennis is a game that can be played outdoors and indoors. This means that the time won’t be an obstacle for you to play or practice. Padel can be played outdoors during the summer and spring seasons. when it gets cold and it snows or rains but on the other hand indoor fields can help you out. There’s no reason not to!

5. Increase the tone of muscles

One of the many benefits to health you can expect from playing padel tennis is the muscle toning particularly in the buttocks and legs. If you keep practicing you can also see advantages for your abdominal, back and arms. Padel is the ideal definition of a full-on exercise to keep in shape!

6. It increases the heart rate and strengthens it

In a 45-minute padel game, you’ll find yourself moving from one end in your half and the opposite. Running helps strengthen your cardiovascular system, by increasing the heart rate and peripheral system , as well as your endurance capacity to extreme exertion. If you keep playing padel tennis regularly, you’ll see that the exertion in the beginning will allow for more resistance to respiratory and physical force.

7. It helps you stay focused on your objectives

The practice of paddle tennis is an excellent method for developing mental discipline and concentration on the goals. Are you looking to improve your game? Do you wish to be in a position to play more games every week? Do you wish to prepare for a tournament? You’ll be the one to determine your goals and objectives to meet in the medium, short and long-term. Making clear and achievable goals can help you stay motivated and requires dedication, focus and co-ordination with your teammates. These are advantages that eventually will have an effect on your life beyond the pitch.

8. Team sport

Padel is, first and foremost is a sport played in teams. It means that the player’s actions can also affect the players he plays with. You’ll be able to discern the right time to take a decision or let your partner play as a team. Together, you’ll play as a group which is accountable for its actions and the results. The values you learn will help you in other areas of your everyday life.

9. It’s great fun

As with many sports played by teams like padel tennis, it’s really enjoyable. Whatever your level the sport that relaxes you, which makes people laugh and appreciate the game with good friends. Doesn’t it seem like a panacea for alleviating stress and living out your life in a more healthy way?

10. Increase the social aspect of your life.

Due to its immense popularity, you’ll be able to find people to enjoy your love for playing padel tennis with. You can play with members of your circle of friends, family members and even your work circle You may be surprised by the interesting aspects of people that you’ve played with in other places in the past.

After you’ve learned about the advantages of playing padel tennis , and the impact it has on your physical and mental health, it’s the time to begin playing.