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About Facial Recognition Technology

This isn’t a concept that is only seen in an sci-fi film, Facial Recognition technology is already having an impact on everyday life of people and the business. It has already altered how we interact with clients, establish new connections and is also predicting the future.

The Future is Here

One of the top 7 Technologies to Keep an Eye on this year, according to CES – – the stage for innovation that attracts the leaders from the business world and innovative entrepreneurs The technology is Artificial Intelligence:

“From Big Data Analytics to speech recognition , to predictive technology,
Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we conduct business.”

Source: CES about Artificial Intelligence

It isn’t just a concept for the sci-fi genre It is already having an impact on every day life as well as business. It has already altered how we learn, calculate and process things, and has created new connections, and even anticipate the future.

The most popular applications are in the intelligent home and construction industry particularly because it learns and reproduces user’s preferences and behaviour preferences and incorporates them into its automation.

While this is one of the most sought-after, the autonomous driving technology and its potential for the future of mobility of – particularly in the big cities – have been widely covered in the media with a few applications being tested in the real world.

What Facial Recognition Systems Works

Human faces differ from animals and other things and are easily recognized by computer software (Facebook and Google are already extensively using this kind of technology).

Physically, people are different from one another and it is possible to identify the differences by looking at gender, size or facial features and comparing them with our memories (our sources).

Every face is unique and has a variety of distinct and distinctive features which our brains are taught to recognize (without being aware). These different measurements such as peaks and valleys makes distinct facial characteristics.

In essence, the program can identify some or all faces in the crowd, then separates the faces from the scene, and then compare it with the database.

Some of the factors which are measured by this software include:

The face format
The distance between eyes
The cheekbones’ shape
A jaw’s length
The nose’s width
Eye sockets’ depth

The artificial intelligence in Facial Recognition software Facial Recognition software identifies the face, analyzes its distinctive features, compares it with databases and responds to it in the manner you want.

The most desired uses of Face Recognition Technology

The benefits and uses of using technology known as Facial Recognition Technology are many:

Client VIP Identification identify your customers who are special to you and provide the most efficient service you can provide
Customers with blacklisted names for burglary Prevention – Automatically identify the individual who is included in the database of attention to ensure that employees be extra attentive to that person and avoid any crime.
Incident Management – Manage all visitor, customer employees, equipment and customer incidents using automated detection and management
Identity Fraud Investigation – Verify the authenticity of access credentials
Biometrics to allow Access Control High-accuracy face identification is an option to add an additional layer of security for the ID card
Suspect Post Search Search – Find the suspect automatically using video footage by using facial recognition technology
Frequent Customer Identification: Returning Customers Find out the frequency of visits by loyal customers, not knowing their identity
Demographics & Customer Profiles for Business Intelligence – Find the customer’s face and associate it with purchases to profile them as well as to check conversion rates, and also to analyze the product segments based on demographical acceptance
Smart Shopping Assistance (Digital Signage) display dynamic advertisements as well as information about events and offers based on the gender and age of the clients (targeting the correct customers with the appropriate content)
Optimization of the advertising campaign – Count the faces of those who are viewing the advertisements to determine how much attention they’re paying to the advertisement and assess the quality of digital signage by studying the eyes of the people who view it.

The technology of facial Recognition technology is widely used in a range of businesses:

ATMs/banks, retail chains commercial buildings, schools hotels, casinos art galleries, shops cafes and restaurants airports, parks, stadiums, or any other facilities

There are numerous Smart Business Solutions using artificial intelligence software to secure operational management and business intelligence goals.

For more information on CCTV facial recognition visit this website.

What Security is to do with It?

It is Facial Recognition is the great feature that is already in use in many companies.

This technology makes use of CCTV Security Cameras images and automatically detects faces of the people who are watching the cameras.

In this way the system can be used to determine your customers’ identities (VIPs for instance) and provide a few personal details to enhance the customer service. It can also send out notifications to your staff regarding burglars on the blacklist to stop theft.

It also has other intelligent business solutions that make use of relevant metadata about faces (including estimated gender, age, and even identity, for instance) to improve the business intelligence and operations management by utilizing real-time event processing and the creation of comprehensive reports.

From tiny cafés, shops, and restaurants from small cafes, restaurants and cafés to retail chains and commercial structures There are many options as well as equipment which can be adapted to meet your needs and simultaneously they will be extremely efficient and economical.