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What to consider when renting walkie talkies

The type of event and location, including whether it is indoors or outdoors, will determine the best walkie-talkie rental choice. There are many options for renting a Motorola and Kenwood walkie-talkie, so no matter what size event you’re planning, we have the right option.
These are important factors to consider when choosing the right radio for your event. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Get in touch with us today

1. Are you unsure if the event will be held indoors or outside?

Indoor events require two-way radio signals that can penetrate walls. UHF radios excel at this task better than VHF radios. VHF radios are more suited for outdoor events because they have an optimal range and are free from obstructions. If you require a walkie talkie system that works both indoors and outdoors, UHF is the best choice.

2. Are you looking for a walkie-talkie rental service?

Are you looking for two-way radios that can work all night and day? Some radios have a longer battery life than others. The average consumer radio can run for around 8 hours, but high-powered commercial radios can last up to 12 hours. Multi-unit chargers and other accessories are essential to ensure that radios are always charged and ready for use.

3. What is the terrain like?

Radios are subject to extreme wear and tear. The US military depends on radios that can withstand extreme heat or water. We have waterproof, dustproof and heat-proof walkie talkies available for any event.

4. Are you in need of Emergency Alerts?

Some walkie talkie rental radios include an Emergency Alert function. This feature allows users to push one button to send a distress message to radio receivers. The device may be prompted to go hands-free for a few moments to enable the user to send a message without having to touch anything. This feature is ideal for construction sites and other areas that could pose dangers.

5. What accessories are necessary for two-way radios with two-way capabilities?

Two-way radio accessories include battery extenders, multiunit chargers, headsets, and earpieces. Accessories can add hands-free features; some radios have built-in handsfree settings. This feature is useful for employees who have to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

6. Are you in need of an On-Site Radio system?

Network systems and radios on-site can be used to transmit signals across campus or large buildings. On-Site Radio Systems allow for seamless, sophisticated communication. We have extensive experience in large-scale, on-site installations and can handle everything, from engineering to consulting, to installation and maintenance.

7. Are you looking for Bluetooth or GPS?

Advanced features such as Bluetooth and GPS are some of the most popular walkie-talkies available for events. You will need the following information to run your event successfully. These amenities don’t have to be expensive if they aren’t necessary. However, if you do need them, they can make a big difference.