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Can I Pick Up Snowboarding After Time Off The Board?

Whether you’ve been on a Snowboarding suspension of at least 10 years or you’ve just taken a short break and are wondering how easy it is to return to the sport. This was the concern I faced after taking two seasons off. I did wonder if snowboarding was akin to riding a bicycle and how easy it would be to go back to my favourite snow activity.

The experience of snowboarding is similar to riding a bicycle. Through repetition it becomes second nature. If you’ve never been Snowboarding for some time it will be easy to pick the skill back up again quickly and easily in contrast to learning as a complete beginner, this is due to muscle memory.

Let’s take a look at the various factors that influence your speed of getting back into snowboarding. There are also a few useful suggestions to help make the transition as easy as is possible.

Returning to Snowboarding: Important Factors

It’s like riding a bicycle in the sense that if you’ve mastered the fundamentals and have a good feel for being out on the slopes, re-entry into the sport will be effortless. There are a few important factors that will affect how easily you’ll be able to return to it.
The amount of time away from Snowboarding

The length of time you’ve spent off snowboarding will affect how easy it is recover your previous level of ability.

If you’ve been absent from snowboarding for a lengthy period of time, say, 10-plus years, generally speaking , it’ll take some time to return to the rhythm of things. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the speed at which you’ll be able to get back on track.

If it’s been just some time since your last snowboarding experience and you’re not sure why, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Within the span of a day to half an hour of riding, you’ll be at ease with your skills. As I was recovering from injury I was off snowboarding for two years and in all honesty, I had no problem recovering.

If it’s been only one year since you last boarded, there is nothing to worry about . In fact, this amount of time off is frequent. It’s a seasonal sport and a lot of people only get the chance to get on a snowboard once each year.
Previous Experience

As a general rule of practice, the more knowledge you have previously had, and the better your levels of ability, the easier you will be able to return to snowboarding.

If you were not able to master the fundamentals the previous time you did snowboarding, it’s likely that you’ll have to pick up where you left off. Don’t let that put your off though, getting better and practicing is part of the fun. When you’re not falling you’re not making progress.

On the flip side, if you previously had many years of experience, the length of time away becomes more of a concern and you won’t be worried about anything. The first few hours will be sure to make you slightly unprepared, and that’s normal. However, at the end of the day, it’ll feel like you’ve haven’t left.
Everyone Is Different

With the above factors in mind, it’s essential to remember that everyone is unique. Some people can take 10 years off snowboarding and return to the slopes as if they never left, whilst some people may have been away for half the time and is in need of a couple of lessons to get them feeling confident once more.

However long it takes to master your previous skills Don’t worry about it There’s no need to rush. The most important thing is to just go out and have fun. Remember, if you’re having a hard time getting back on track and having a bad time at the ski slopes will beat a good day at work.

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For those who took off from snowboarding due to reasons that are not clear, let’s explore some ways to get back to snowboarding as effortless as it is.
Do The Easy Runs First

Begin with a small amount and gradually increase your pace. Start with the easy runs until you begin to get back your former form. There’s absolutely no need to immediately go for the more difficult runs. Be patient and slowly progress upwards.
Watch Some Snowboarding Videos

Tips for First Day Tips for the First Day Snowboarding

Relax, take a break and go through some snowboarding lessons on YouTube. There’s so much good content available right now and just relearning the basics once again can give you a chance to refresh your memories and you may even be able to learn something new.

YouTube channels SnowboardProCamp and SnowboardAddiction are full of great videos. If nothing else, the content will make you feel invigorated and ready to go out again.
Make Sure You Have Snowboarding Gear

If you’ve been off skiing for a while prior to getting back on the slopes, be certain to inspect your equipment. Make sure everything fits properly and is in functioning order.

Based on how long it has been since your last time skiing, it could be worthwhile to invest in new equipment. Snowboarding equipment and gear has changed and improved rapidly.

Personally, I don’t suggest the use of equipment that’s old. If it’s really outdated, it’s better to replace it. New equipment is generally more secure and is generally better. If you’re working on a tight budget, then you may want to rent equipment in order to lower costs.
Consider Taking A Lesson

There’s no reason to be ashamed of taking a class if in any way you are uncertain or lack confidence. Lessons are available in a variety of locations and you can get lessons inexpensively.

It will also assist you to relearn the proper techniques, refresh your memory and even get rid of old bad habits.

Lessons are widely available and are usually not too expansive.
Use Visualizations

The song might sound a bit woo-woo but bare with me.

It’s no secret that visualizations and mental rehearsal are widely used in sports by professional athletes and they are in fact incredibly powerful.

Take a deep breath and then spend 10 minutes a day for a week just envisioning yourself back out on the slopes.

Be sure you are balanced while riding smoothly and turning on the snowboard. Make sure to be as precise as you can. The more detailed you can get, the more precise you can be. For example imagine how the snow feels beneath your skis, how the freshly air from the mountains feels, and the thrill of descending down the slope.
Go With Friends

Instead of doing it on your own in case you’re feeling somewhat uncertain, then join your friends to get some moral support. Having someone who can help to get your mind back on track and provide a few words of encouragement can help make the process simpler.

On the other hand do not feel pressured into going for steeper runs all at once. Take your time and go at your own pace.
Proper Recovery

If your body isn’t accustomed to the intensity that a whole day of snowboarding could provide, then there are going to be areas of your body which will be aching the following day.

Like you must always stretch out after taking running or taking part in a workout, you should always refresh after a time spent snowboarding.

This is an excellent way to ensure that your body is recovering correctly after snowboarding. It can also help reduce muscle soreness the next day.

However, if you’re fortunate enough to are in the area where you’re staying, think about warming up before going out on the slopes by jumping in the hot tub, sauna or shower. The muscles that are warm are less likely to get damaged while exercising.