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Choosing your next Scotland Holiday

The location you choose to stay in while you are vacationing in Scotland is as important as the locations you visit and the sights you take in. In fact, it should the first thing you think about in the event that you intend to travel to this historically rich destination.

Scotland offers holiday accommodation like the ones you will be hard pressed to find in many other tourist destinations. Rather than sterile and generic hotels, you can have a cozy and homey feel in one of the many Scottish lodges spread across the country.

What are Scottish Lodges?

It is a term that refers to properties that are typically used as holiday or vacation home. They differ from hotels and inns since each one is designed to look like an apartment and to function like one.

If someone leases one of such properties, it’s for a specific duration and within this time they have the liberty to use the property for personal use. The property is managed much the same way they manage their homes.

Although basic and occasionally luxury facilities are available however, the guest is generally responsible for their own feeding. This is the reason you’ll frequently hear the term “self-catering”, which just means you will be doing your own cooking.

These homes can be second homes for the family or an individual who may also make use of it as a source of additional income. Rather than leaving the space vacant for long periods the owners hand it over to agents and managers who make it available to holidaymakers for a cost.

In some other instances the homes are constructed specifically for the rental of them as holiday accommodation.

The benefits of using Scottish Lodges

The types of holiday homes the ones we’re discussing are popular in the area and for good reason. We will look at some of the benefits of using one of these for your next trip in Scotland.

Live the rural life

What’s the reason to leave the city’s bustle and noise for another while in vacation? Many of these Scottish holiday homes are in rural areas, putting you right in the middle of the pace and activity of the region. Some are located on farms, near rivers and streams, or in the hills or next to the lush meadows.

The luxury of being in the midst of nature , and away from the noise and pollution that is city life is both refreshing and educational. This is particularly applicable to children who have not had the privilege of living in rural areas.

Home Away From Home

Your vacation is totally dependent on you for the period. You cook and eat what you want. There aren’t any waiters, doormen or maids or cooks to contend with. Only you (and others) along with the space and those plans you have for your holidays.

You can have a family barbecue or a fishing trip, a outdoor picnic or simply put your feet on the fire and read a nice book. It takes the pressure of living up to any expectations. In some cases you might be more comfortable in one of these lodges as you would be in your own home.

Really get to know the locals

While this might not be the main reason behind traveling to Scotland on holiday, the decision to stay in a holiday home will put you in direct touch with the people.
It’s almost like you’re a new neighbor.

Living within their surroundings for the time is a certain way to get to know the locals, their lifestyles how they live, their lifestyles and much more. You will certainly come back with a better knowledge of Scotland and the people who live there.


Nobody is in the next room except for another member of your group if you have one. If you choose lodges to rent in Scotland, it’s yours and solely yours for the duration. You are entitled to use all facilities come with the property for the period.

How to Select the Scottish Lodge that’s Right for Your Holiday

As far back as 2001, the Scottish census revealed that there were more than 29,000 holiday residences in Scotland. One could only guess by how much this figure has grown two decades later.

There are a lot of properties available How will a prospective visitor be able to choose holiday accommodation that will be appropriate for them?

There are now websites that can help you narrow your search. You present certain information and they give you choices that match your needs which you can then choose from. These are basically listing service and they simplify your life.

Details You’ll Need in order to locate the Right Lodge

To make sure that the listing service is able to show you the lodges that suit your preferences It is essential to give some vital details. The most important ones are:

The day or time that you would like to lease the property.
How many people you have in your party.
What location in Scotland you prefer in Scotland.
What kind of holiday home do you’d like.
Any special features you require.

There are a number of concerns to which you’ll be required to answer so that you can get the best list suggestions. Begin by searching for the cottage rental that is suitable for your needs so you can have a really memorable holiday.