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Hiring a campervan in Scotland

Are you thinking of renting a campervan for a trip to Scotland? You’ve made the right option! Scotland is among the most beautiful countries on earth. Its small size together with its extensive nature reserves as well as the winding coastline roads makes it ideal for motorhome and campervan travel.

However, touring a camping trip in a country isn’t always simple. It is important that you are aware dangers and have an picture of the challenges you’ll confront during your trip in a campervan.

Camping van hire Scotland can provide couples, singles, as well as family members (plus pet owners!) the chance to experience a trip of a lifetime But before you set off, take the time to map your route and familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of camping.

To assist our customers, we’ve made use of all our camping knowledge to compile this guide to the purchase and rental of campervans in Scotland. Find out all you be aware of about camping in Scotland.

Campervan rental Scotland What can you be expecting?

Campervan hire in Scotland offers so much. From white-sand beaches in remote locations to thick forests and rolling hills Nature lovers will be in for a experience when traveling through Scotland via campervan or motorhome.

However, renting a campervan in Scotland has its own challenges. The Scottish weather even in summer, is extremely unpredictable. Of course, you’ll have a warm and seal-proof campervan to sleep down in when the rain is beginning in the fall. However, it’s crucial to remember that the sun never comes guaranteed throughout Scotland…

Another aspect to be considered is the road. Scottish roads provide stunning scenery throughout the country, but it’s not uncommon for drivers to encounter narrow country lanes or winding roads with a twist that are difficult to navigate in a big motorhome or campervan. It is essential that the driver is confident and comfortable in the vehicle prior to setting off.

Our team of experts offer thorough walkthroughs and tests for each of our campervans available to rent, assisting in making sure that every client feels secure before embarking for the adventure of an entire lifetime.

In the end, the most important things to consider prior to hiring a campervan Scotland are:

The weather! Do you have a plan for any (and we’re referring to every) circumstances?

Ability to drive. It is essential to be at ease with your ability to drive your campervan , before you go on your journey.

The campervan setup. We invite you to ask us any questions you might have about how the campervan functions. From filling up the van to cooking food, there is no question too trivial.

Extra activities! If you’re interested in paddling, cycling or paddling, it’s helpful to take your own equipment along. Think about the things you would like to do on your camping trip and take all the equipment you need.

Locations to Stay. We’ll give you the best camping spots, but it’s best to do your own research. This will help you save time and stress while out traveling.

Drinks and food. Of of course, cafes and restaurants are available while you travel across Scotland However, the main benefit of camping in a campervan is the independent lifestyle it allows. We suggest stocking your pantry with food so that the meals can be cooked at your kitchenette or the an attached BBQ grill.
Waste disposal. A less glamorous aspect of life in a campervan. Where do you dispose of your garbage? Our motorhomes and campervans to rent come equipped with bathroom and toilet facilities however, you’ll need to dispose of your garbage at the proper places every day. Motorhome campgrounds that are registered are generally the best choice to do this.

What are the advantages of hiring a campervan in Scotland?

When you decide to rent a campervan in Scotland you’re getting yourself ready to have an amazing, unforgettable experience.

With our top campervans available to rent, customers can enjoy comfortable home comforts (including pet!) with an underlying sense of adventure and excitement while traveling through the ancient landscape of Scotland.

The advantages of hiring a campervan motorhome for rent in Scotland are as follows:

Freedom to travel anywhere you want, at any time you’d like
Self-sufficient living cook, sleep, unwind and enjoy the comfort of your campervan
Be surrounded by stunning nature and breathtaking landscapes
Explore the numerous amazing cultural and historical wonders Scotland offers
Learn a lot in a short period of time
It is suitable for couples, individuals and families with four members.
Some offer pet-friendly campervans and motorhomes. This means you will be able to take your pet or other pet while you enjoy the stunning scenery of Scotland
There are a myriad of adventure sports at right at your door (quite literally)
Enjoy your home comforts while enjoying the excitement of living life on the road
Simple navigation using installed Sat-Nav

Things to take into consideration when renting a campervan in Scotland with Freedom Motorhomes

When you rent a campervan in Scotland there are some crucial considerations that we suggest to all of our customers.

Campervan size

Size of the campervan, or motorhome can affect many aspects during your travels.

Of course, larger campervans offer larger living spaces and more room to cook and sleep. However motorhomes and campervans that are larger are also difficult to maneuver on narrow roads, and, in some cases, you’ll be unable to get into particular areas that are remote.

The smaller campervans are, however, likely to be smaller in size but that does not mean that you will lose quality of life. If you’re an individual or in a couple or a couple, you might end up with more space within a small campervan as compared to an entire family in a bigger one.

The smaller campervans are also able to offer greater performance and greater access. If you choose an advanture you can easily be able to park in small parking spots or remote areas while enjoying the amenities that larger campervans offer.

When you are done with the day, your choice will be based on the amount of people traveling with as well as your own personal preferences.

Your way

One of the most crucial factors to take into consideration when renting a campervan in Scotland is of course the place you’ll be going.

Spending the time to thoughtfully map out your journey throughout Scotland will help you save both time and anxiety, which will will ultimately increase your overall enjoyment.

There are a myriad of stunning routes you can choose from when traveling Scotland in a camper. We suggest thinking about what you would like to see and do the most on your trip, and determine your route according to your preferences.

Some of the most popular routes we could recommend are:

North Coast 500 North Coast 500
The Heart 200
Scots West Coast 500
South West Coast 300
Island is hopping

The length of travel

The length of your journey is closely tied to the route you pick. Certain routes, like Heart 300 could be accomplished in a brief period of time, ranging from 3 to 5 days. The most well-known route in Scotland is the NC500. NC500 requires about 7 days.

For other routes that go through the Scottish West Coast and into the islands, we suggest taking at minimum one week. You can then add stops whenever you like without having to rush to the next stop.

The length you decide to go for must be a balance of not so long that you are fed over the campervan lifestyle (if it’s a possibility) However, it shouldn’t be so as short that you’re always driving and don’t stop to take in the sights on the way.